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Backup Exec 2012 backups to tape seperated by retention dates/jobs

Created: 09 Aug 2013 • Updated: 05 Sep 2013 | 4 comments
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we have an issue where our 365 day backups are on the same tapes as the daily's (4 weeks) so the entire tape gets dated for rentention of 365 days.

is there a process or method in BEX 2012 (on W2K8R2) where we can sepeate the backups to tape based on retention days?  it would be nice to specifiy the 365 days VS the 4 week backups to different tapes.

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You should set up 2 media sets, one with OPP = 365 days and the other one with OPP = 4 weeks.  You then target your 365 days backup to the first media set and then target your daily backup to the second media set.  You would then need 2 sets of tapes one for the 365 days retention and one set for the 4 weeks retention.  The correct set of tapes must be available when each type of job runs.

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If you have a tape library create a partition and target the keep the yearly tapes in one partition and weekly tapes in another . 

Target your monthly ackup to the monthly partition and yearly to the yearly partition.

This way the tapes won`t get mixed up.

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I would adviseyou not to use partitions.  If you have insufficient overwritable tapes in the targeted partition, your job will fail even if there are overwritable tapes in the other partition.


If you just use partitions without creating another media set with OPP = 4 weeks, then your tapes would still be protected for 365 days.

As an aside, it is better to set your OPP to 1 year, instead of 365 days because 365 days would not be adequate when there is a leap year.


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we ended up creating a new end of month data set and not partitioning our small robotic library (50 slots).

now our issue is trying to have the daily full backups that run on the weekend not overlap with the EOM data sets (we gave EOM higher priorities).