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Backup Exec 2012 BEMCLI

Created: 02 Jan 2013 • Updated: 02 Jan 2013 | 4 comments


I have a Clean install of BE2012 on a Windows 2008 R2 Server, with a Dell ML6000 Library(2 LTO4 tape drives).

My company provided me with L5 barcodes and only LTO4 tapes/drives. After reading I tried the Remove-BEBarcodeRule and could not figure out how to remove the LTO5 rules and add L5 barcodesuffix to LTO4 mediatype.

Do I need to use the Remove command along with the BarcodeRuleGuid, or are there any other suggestions you might have on clearing out LTO4 and LTO5 rules so that I can recreate new rules?

Thanks in advance.

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Colin Weaver's picture

I have a feeling you will need the correct barcodes for this one, barcode rules are usually used for dissimilar tapes and tape drives located inside of one library. They are not really desiogend for I used the wrong labels and the labels themselves contain type encoding. In this instance, I think that either Backup Exec or the library hardware itself would honor the defined cartridge type within the barcode and I am not sure there is any way to override this behaviour.

Can you test with an actual LTO-4 standard barcode?

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I have no LTO-4 barcodes, and to order some would probably mean spending my own money to get them anytime within a month at least(going through a merger and purchasing is very slow).

I could make a few 3of9 barcodes myself and see if they work, other than that I have no other resources.

Larry Fine's picture

trying to get LTO5 labeled LTO4 media to work correctly will probably create confusion and frustration, either now or much further down the road when somebody doesn't know they are mislabeled.

Can you run your backups without bar codes for a few weeks until you can get the proper labels?

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Using LTO5 labels with LTO4 tapes would be asking for trouble, in one way or another.

If I am in your shoes, I would either

1) go without barcode labels, i.e. label the tapes manually, or

2) DIY some LTO4 labels.  The cost would be just a box of gum paper.  See my article below on how to produce your own barcode labels.