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Backup Exec 2012: Can Not Backup Exchange 2003 Reliably

Created: 06 May 2013 | 7 comments

I have like a 50% failure rate!

Backups fail because V-79-57344-766 - Cannot log on to MAPI with the specified credentials. Review the resource credentials for the job, and then run the job again.

V-79-57344-759 - Cannot extract mailbox messages from the Exchange backup. Review the job log for more information.

What up why can’t I backup exchange reliably?

I have been working with Tech support for 2 weeks and try this try that’s in not working

Operating Systems:

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See if the links below help you -

Also, if possible post the job log to get the exact error.

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Thanks for the quick response

With Tech support we just added the reg key and running a backup now but I can tell it’s going to fail

No job progress files backed up 0 byte count dropping

And second tech tip

We are backing up to disk and not doing any deduplication just yet trying to get reliable backups first

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I am not sure what is the exact error message that you are getting. Unable to extract is a very generic error message. However, here is a document that has a basic list of most possible errors with solutions

Additionally, make sure that the permissions are setup correctly as per this technote-

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V-79-57344-766 - Cannot log on to MAPI with the specified credentials. Review the resource credentials for the job, and then run the job again

I seems pretty clear to me from the message intermittently BE cannot logon to information store to do the backup why sometime it works and sometime not?

We did setup a new backup account didn’t seem to help

I don’t see our error message in TECH61294

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Full backup just failed after running 8 hours 57 minutes 102 GB of data but 0%

Mailbox store corrupt


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...if this was the reason and solution for your issue, can you mark your post as the solution please?

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Well is seems Symantec had some hotfixes that solved some of the problems

This makes me more upset than anything spending weeks with support trying to resolve issues and it turns out it’s a known issue and there is a hot fix for it

Well I couldn’t install the hot fixes because SEP support broke live update trying to install the new SEP client I had to open a new support case to fix LiveUpdate

Apply Hot Fixes and now it seems like it’s working for now!

In the meantime Backups failing left and right for weeks mission critical apps not getting backed up

And weeks of try this try that that didn’t work

So who gets the credit for fixing the issue and which one?