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Backup Exec 2012 CAS

Created: 21 Dec 2012 • Updated: 25 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
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I have a CAS server running BE 2012 1a, this server manages another Media Server.  I am the main Admin for our orgnization's backups.  We have several people that will run backup reports and check logs when the primary Admin is out.  We install the Remote Administration tool but we also allow Remote Desktop Program access to the CAS server and Managed Media Server (the BE Remote Admin Tool has issues loading across our VPN when they are out of the office, hence the RDP).  I have added these individuals to the Backup Operators account group on each server and the Remote Desktop Connection settings.

In testing, one my user's cannot open BE 2012 from CAS, he gets the screen to connect to a Backup Exec server, enters his elevated domain account information and a pop-up appears displaying could not connect to server xxxxx.  Check that the server name and login credentials were entered correctly and that the Backup Exec services are running on the server. 

How do I give these user's access to BE 2012 on the CAS or Managed Media Server?  I thought about the Managed Account options but under BE 12.5 we limited these accounts to only those accounts that were required for the backups or agents only, not Backup Operators.  The Backup Operators could RDP and connect to CASO under 12.5. I will have 2 people that need all the rights to backup/restore/make changes and 3 people that only need to login to review backup logs for the Backup Reports and make sure Jobs complete successfully if an Admin is not available.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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i got around this by giving the account used by people to check backups local admin rights...worked like a charm. I found that i had too many isues when the single domain user account i had created for this purpose was running under the Backup Operators group. th actual domin acount was a stock standard domain account.
Check under the Articles section for BE & filter by my name...I wrote an article about the remote console & how i got it to work!


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Great Tip CraigV