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Backup Exec 2012 CAS DR procedure

Created: 21 Dec 2012 • Updated: 21 Dec 2012 | 7 comments

Hi there,

We have a BE2012 environment with a CAS server and 2 MMS servers with SSO enabled (two shared TLs).

I have a request to change the location of BE installation folder on the CAS server from C:\ to D:\ drive.

When just about to start the operation by following the DR plan, I've found that it may not work according to below articles;

Any ideas? Did anyone perform this operation succesfully?



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Why do you want to change the path of the BE installation directory?  You should leave it alone.  If your disk is getting full because of your catalogs or joblogs, then you should just change the paths for these using the procedure in this docuement.

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Thanks for your response. I'm aware of the posibility to change the catalog and log location, but we need to change the installation folder location as the customer's policy is to have all applications installed on D:\ drive. It looks like due to some reasons it was not installed on the correct drive at the time of the implementation.

I've just simulated in a Lab (one CAS and one MMS, but no shared device) and it worked fine. Anyone else has had this challenge before?


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If you disable communication with the MMS and then backup the data and catalog of CAS, reinstall BE 2012 on new path and then move the backed up Data and Catalogs and re-enable communication. Does this work ? what errors are you running into ?

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Hi Gurvinder,

Thanks for advice. Actually, we need to delete the MMS from the BE console\Storage tab in order to be able to uninstall BE on the CAS server.

We have attempted the exercise in Lab and it works fine. I just got a bit concerned after seing the above mentioned articles. Anyone else achieved this succesfully in a production environment? 



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Hi Giulio,

     What exact steps are you following in production environment and what Issues/errors are you running into.



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I only tried in the test evirnonment and it works fine. I just needed to restart the MMS to regain communication with the CAS server. All rest looks fine.

Just wondering if anyone did this in a production environment and can share the experiences.

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This should not be a problem and can be followed. Ensure to Backup BEDB (present in BE Install Path\Data) from CAS and MMS before you attempt this procedure.