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Backup Exec 2012 CASO problem

Created: 12 Sep 2012 | 5 comments
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I am setting up a backup exec 2012 central admin server environment and i am having an issue with one managed server.

All of the managed servers are backup exec 2012 and were upgraded from backup exec 2010 R3 but were standalone with no CASO. The upgrades went ok, but one server does not want to join the central admin server. Communication is ok and i can see the managed server from the CASO server, but I am getting an alert every five minutes saying that the

"The central administration server can no longer manage the managed Backup Exec server.The central administration server received a request from a managed Backup Exec server to join the CASO environment.  However, the managed Backup Exec server has an invalid security certificate.  You must upgrade the managed Backup Exec server to the latest version of Backup Exec"

all servers in the environment are 2012 14.0 Rev 1798 and are SP1a with all live updates applied

any ideas?


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thanks for this, it does help a bit, but I have already tried the 'establish trust option' 

the server shows in the CASO , as does all the remote agents from this managed server, but I am unable to configure any advanced settings for this server or options and the error telling me the certificate is wrong and that i need to upgrade the server still comes in every five minutes

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Try to browse to the CASO from the MMS and right-click and then select Trust...Repeat the same from the CASO browsing to the MMS.

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how do i browse through backup exec to the CASO from the MMS in 2012? the only option i can see is by adding it, but that is trying to install an agent.

i have tried establishing a trust from the CASO to the MMS as this appears in the list but this makes no difference


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Would suggest to open a formal case with support...guessing all that needs to be done is removing the certs & regenerating them, though best to have this done via support...