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Backup Exec 2012 Catalog Job

Created: 24 Jul 2012 | 6 comments

Where do you go to see an active catalog job?

I wanted to catalog a tape to view what was on it and it then asked for more tapes which were offsite so I could not immediately retrieve them.I then wanted to simply cancel the job but could not find anywhere to do this and then this morning I find that it held up all the backup jobs for that night.Unable to find where to go and cancel the catalog job I had to restart all the services so the catalog job "failed" and then all the backed up scheduled backup jobs kicked off.

Why is this so hard to do or find ?  Why cant I simply see ALL of the active jobs in the same place as I could before ? Then again, how do I catalog tape and then know that it has fininshed or is running? I have a DRP excercise in two weeks and I seriously doubt whether I am going to be able to achieve what I did in BE2010.

Also, I guess the ability to just right click on media and start a restore as we could before been taken away with server centric model?This also means we cant easily view what is actually backed up on the tape ? This was the reason I wanted to catalog the tape in the first place.

Since the upgrade to 2012 I have had to tweak it constantly and though I am happy it is backing up, having to restore this in a DRP situation without catalogs is going to be a challenge.You have taken away so many features that anybody who has any experience with BE products is familiar with, that Simple tasks have become technical nightmares. At the very least all the features we had before should be there to use and the "new " methods you are forcing on us be there on top so we can ease into it and appreciate why you are pushing this methodology.

I have been a 10 year BE user since verion 8 and it has been intuitive through all the upgrades but this is something else.



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You go to the Storage tab and click on the tape library/tape drive to see the catalog job.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I have backups running at the moment so Icant test this but I will run another catalog job once the are free and try it again and respond back.


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Also, I guess the ability to just right click on media and start a restore as we could before been taken away with server centric model?

You can see this feature again in the next release of Backup exec. Upon many customers feedback Symantec are bringing back that option along with selecting multiple server in a single selectionlist and job monitor (so you can see all the jobs including inventory and catalog in one view).

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Thanks Kiran,

Another quick question. If I was to install BE 2010 R3 on another server would I be able to catalog tapes backed up with 2012 and have the backup from media option back ? Would there be any issues?

I have a DRP excercise coming up in two weeks and though I will use 2012 first up, if I have any issues I would like to know if using 2010 is an option. Cataloging the media and restoring from the media is what we have used sucessfully in the past so not being able to do it this way this time is making me a little nervous. If installing 2010 gives me that option, that would be nice to know so that if I have any issues with 2012 I have a proven option back.

2012 is backing up a lot more data quicker so I do want to stick with it but there are time contraints with the DRP tests.



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It is not recommended that you use a tape that is created by a newer version of BE with an other version.  There maybe changes introduced by the new version which is not compatible with the older version.

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I Installed a new backup exec version 2012, tried to perform catalog for a tape created on BE 2010 failed, and Backup Exec Job Engine service stopped. I installed BE sp1a, and all fixes. and the same result.

Tried more than one tape, also failed. Is It not supported , Or is it not recommended ?

please advise