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Backup Exec 2012 & Central Administration Server

Created: 04 Dec 2013 | 3 comments

I have implemented a CASO server and converted my stand-alone remote backup exec servers to managed servers.  We really only want to use the CASO server as a reporting tool (i.e login and launch backup exec and either click on the Backup Exec Calendar or click "Backup and Restore" and get a high-level view of the backup history).   What I seem to be having a problem with is the information under "last backup" isn't staying up-to-date.  I have about 12-14 remote servers and the settings in the CASO server are exactly the same for each server but for example yesterday on 12-3-13 it only showed two server backed up on 12-2-13.   Today, all the information in the CASO server is current.  So there is a lag somewhere.  Does anyone have an ideas?



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There will be an option on each MMS listed in the CASO to send data and catalogs through according to a schedule. I used to choose a slow line so that updates were sent through less frequently during the day, but you can see if the option to send updates to the CASO more frequently exists. Set it higher and see if this works.
As always, you should also check the network throughput between the MMS servers and the CASO to see if there are bottlenecks.


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Yes, I'm aware of those settings as this is how I have them set:

Connection Settings: Custom

Send active job status updates to central admin svr: Yes
Send status updates to central admin svr: 10 seconds
Send job log details to central admin svr: "on job completion"
send job log only if the job fails: No
Send job history......: "on job completion"
Send job history only if the job fails: No
Monitor jobs that are created locally on the managed backup exec server: Yes
Display an alert.......: Yes
Send the alert....:30 seconds
Storage and media database location: Managed Backup Exec Server
Keep the catalogs on: Managed Backup Exec Server (distributed)
Private cloud server: Disabled

What's really strange is that at one of the remote sites there is a backup policy for two servers. One server is reporting is backup history up-to-date and the other shows in the CASO server the last time backup occurred was in October. If you log directly into the remote server the backup information is correct and up-to-date. Very strange!

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...change the option to send updates to the CASO from 10 seconds to a higher number. See if this makes a difference!

A CASO environment doesn't like high latency. I've had something similar where MMS servers would lose connection to the CASO. This might be something similar, especially if the status changes to the correct status the next day.


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