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Backup exec 2012 conf issues

Created: 28 Dec 2013 • Updated: 21 Jan 2014 | 4 comments
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    I have downloaded Symantec Backup Exec 2012 and installed it in Windows 2008 Server Standard Edition. I have an IBM Tape drive attached to it and need to configure backup for six days starting on Mon,Tue..Sat in 5 tape cartridges(Friday & Saturday ll run in the same cartridge). I configured to check the backup(sample run on the tapes), Now when i try to erase the cartridge, re-label and re-configure it, the data is not erased, also when i schedule the job it fails since I have set overwrite protection period and append period for the media. Now i want to append and overwtire on these medias and remove the previous set up. how to do this, any inputs will be highly appreciated.



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If you want to overwrite a tape before the media set rules let you overwrite it then just move it to the scratch set and let BE choose to move it back when jobs start.

You are however better off getting your media set retention settings correct for your rotation so that you don't have to take manual action.

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Thanks for the reply, I am new to this and configuring it the first time. I want to append and if no space then overwrite the media. The retention period i set for the sample run should be removed. I want the cartridges to be new without label, retention period and data. So per your advice i ll move the tape to scratch set and reconfigure it. Mine is IBM 1/2height tape drive and not a tape library. I want to label the cartridges based on days of the week for better identification as the server is in remote location and those who insert the cart is not tech.

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There is no option to only overwrite if there is not enough space. You have to do it time based - and using a stand alone tape drive with a time based scenario will mean that you do have to accept that you may not be able to completely fill a tape and you need to insert suitable tapes (i.e those with enough space for the job) before the job starts

What will happen if you try and fill your tapes is that a few jobs in a row will append and then a job will eventually fill the remaining space before the job itself finishes. This job will then eject the tape it filled and ask you for an overwritable tape. If you had a library it would search the library to find a suitable tape, with a single/stand alone drive the job just sits there waiting for you to insert some media.

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Since the people handling the tapes would not be technical folks, it is very difficult to append to your tapes and don't use them when they have insufficient space.  It is better not to use append and just overwrite your tapes, this will give you the maximum amount of space on your tapes.  You may need to have more sets of tapes, maybe one set for each week.