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Backup exec 2012 configuration and setup question

Created: 21 Mar 2013 • Updated: 24 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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I am new to Backup exec 2012, in the past I can setup a backup job for multiple machine, but it's all changed in 2012.

The setup that I have is 1 HP server running SBS 2011 and 1 qnap NAS drive, I am looking at Backup Exec 2012 SBS edition. The backup will be done to USB external drive 3TB

I have download the trial edition and the installer said it comes with trial license for other agents as well.

My questions are

1. Does the Backup Exec 2012 SBS edition cover backing up files from NAS drive?

2. I saw the into video for backup exec 2012, I can use one-time backup option from backup tabs to create bare-metal SBS recovery and it mention I just need to insert backup exec DVD and Backup exec will recover from the bare-metal backup. but the video doesn't mention that the DVD is that Backup Exec 2012 installation DVD or I have to create this DVD or it comes with the Backup Exec box product?
I'll do the one-time bare-metal backup to different external drive than the one will be used to do daily backup.

3. I have configure 1 disk-disk based storage called Disk Storage 0001, then I go to backup and restore tab to create a backup job.

When I right click on SBS server to create job, it show a pop-up window displaying SBS server section and backup section, in the past when I create job I can see individual mailbox, but when I click on edit on SBS section it only has Mailbox database, I can pick and choose which mailbox to backup any more, I assume the same goes when I try to restore exchange, I won't be able to pick which mailbox to restore I need to restore the whole database. is there away to have to option to backup and restore indiviual mailbox?

The second question is when I click on the backup section it mention keep backup for 2 weeks, I assume during this 2 weeks, it will do incremental backup  on the same external disk and after 2 weeks the whole disk will be overwritten with full backup and the process start again every 2 weeks cycle?
NB: I have 3TB seagate external drive, with windows backup it takes the full backup as initial backup and does incremental backup after that until the disk is full. is it possible to do this with backup exec or there is a better way to do it in backup exec.

4. The next step that I am testing is to add new asset for qnap NAS, since I don't have spare NAS so I setup one of the desktop to share folder and get backup exec to back it up. so what I did on backup and restore tab, I select desktop and SBS server and right click to create a backup job, so it goes to the same backup disk. When I create a job for SBS only at least I can click edit to select what drive or item I want to backup like exchange, etc... but when I have more than one asset selected, I can only perform full backup for all the asset.

The problem is my external USB drive on SBS say drive I, if I can not untick it in the combine job, backup exec will try to back drive I which can cause issue since I don't want to backup my backup drive. Is there away to get around this issue.

I appreciated if you could help me.

Thank you.


- Haris -

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You have multiple questions here.  It is better to post each question as a separate discussion.  This makes it easier to answer each individual question.

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Hi Phk,

I am new to this forum as well, thank you for your suggestion.

I'll create five separate post for each question.

Thank you.


- Haris -