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backup exec 2012 - copy-only option

Created: 06 Nov 2012

i am very frustrated about copy-option is not present in BE2012. as i know not only exchange not supported copy-only, but not SQL, files too.

- i have one media set "daily" for daily backup (overwrite period 5 weeks - every day incremental, on saturday full).

- on last day of month i do full backup to media set "monthly" (do not allow overwrite, append 10 days), after this 10 days we put tape off site

- in the middle of mont i making one tape wich is taking off site to other location. media set "bank" (overwrite period 6 weaks)

i have around 15 servers for backup.can someone tell me any advise how to work with this without copy-only option?

for to be clear about problem:

on sataday i make scheduled full backup of all servers, on monday first incremental run to same media set "daily", and when tuesday is last day of month i do full backup of all server to media set "monthly", BUT next incremental backup is affected by this full monthly scheduled backup.

this was only small example, i had in backup exec 2010 nice structure of maybe 7 mediasets, and arund 17 backup jobs.

thanks for any advise how to solve this.