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Backup Exec 2012 Dedup question

Created: 11 Jan 2013 • Updated: 09 Feb 2013 | 5 comments
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I'm looking to set up an offsite copy of my dedup backups. I know the local copy requires a local drive, if I use Backup Exec to copy the dedup data to another location what are the requirements needed?

Does that also have to be a local drive, or iSCSI? what are the bandwith requirements?

I'm looking to use a local iSCSI NAS for onsite backups and replicate it across a 10 Meg pipe to another NAS (non ISCSI).

Thank you.

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You cannot just copy the dedup folder.  See this document

Reasons why copying backup to disk data files is NOT recommended.

Although it is written for B2D folders, it is equally applicable for a dedup folder.  If you want to have a backup copy of the backup sets in your dedup folder, then you need to duplicate them to another media

If you want to backup the dedup folder as a whole for DR purposes, then you need to backup the shadow copy component of the disk containing the dedup folder.  See this document

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Purpose is to have a copy of dedupe --

- setup duplicates to Tape/Disk/Another Dedupe folder on another media server (this would require a CAS MMS configuration and dedupe folders will have to be shared)

- To Backup the dedupe folder entirely back it from Shadow Copy Component to B2D/Tape. These disk can be local, ISCSI or even FC connected or can be a share on the NAS.

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Thank you for confirming what I have said.

Note that you can also duplicate the contents of a dedup folder to any tape or disk media on the same media server, not necessarily on another media server.

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...can you supply the TN that states this with regards to tape? AFAIK you need SAN SSO with CASO to do this and it won't work with SAS/SCSI-attached tape drives...


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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If I am not mistaken, you also cannot duplicate to a disk device that is attached to another media server, regardless of whether CASO is used or not.