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Backup exec 2012 duplicate backups failed

Created: 13 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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Can anyone explain how backup exec 2012 handles selection list for duplicate jobs when the previous duplicate is missed.

I have a B2D and a scheduled duplicate to tape, with the duplicate using the most recent full backup.

When the B2D fails the duplicate also fails. The next day the B2D works and the duplicate also works because the duplicate selection is seeing the most recent full backup and is backing it up ok. We have no problem with this setup cheeky

If the B2D backs up fine and the duplicate misses its time windows we get a different result. The next day when the B2D works ok the duplicate fails to backup with the below error. I can only think that it is seeing the "most recent full backup" as both that B2D and the B2D from the day before. The B2D jobs are overwritten every night which is why we get the duplicate backup set cannot be found.

job ended: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 3:30:19 AM Completed status: Failed Final error: 0xe0009444 - The requested source duplicate backup sets catalog record could not be found. Perhaps the media containing the source backup sets was previously deleted. Final error category: Job Errors

My question is why is it not actually using the one most recent full backup selection from that nights B2D as there would be a valid backup selection for this?

The selection list I mention is just for the duplicate job not the working B2D job.

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From that it looks like the duplicate job looks for the previous job's catalog file. If the job doesn't run, then the catalog isn't created, and the duplicate job is not configured to then duplicate the previous day's jobs (which would have been done anyway on a successful run).

This would kind of go against what a duplicate job is all about as it is. A duplicate is configured to run immediately after  the parent job's run. As such, this appears to be normal behaviour, as per design.

I suppose you can always add this in as an Idea...


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Sorry I may not have explained properly.

We have say 3 servers backing up to disk overnight then the duplicates running to tape during the day all scheduled through the BE job.

The backup to disk jobs always completes.

This is a case of if the duplicate jobs misses (no tape in drive) the next duplicate will come up with the error suggesting it is looking for the wrong B2D job because it was not backed up as it was missed.

if the duplicate jobs fails on the 1st day for whatever reason and the job is marked as failed and not missed (hard write error) the next days duplicate will still run fine and look at the last nights B2D.

There must be something to do with the way the missed/failed job status handles the selections but doesnt explain why the "most recent full backup" option is not actually using the most recent full backup if the duplicate was missed.