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Backup Exec 2012 duplicate to tape SLOW !!!!!!

Created: 02 Apr 2013 • Updated: 08 Apr 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I have 4 BE3600 R2 Appliances and 2 MSL2024 accross 2 sites.

I have configured BE2010 to backup Exchange 2010 with GRT and duplicate to other appliance and finally duplicate to tape.

Now I see that BE runs a job where it backs up the Information Stores and after that it runs 2 jobs (?) at the same time (???): one on the MMS and one on the CASO.

Every week duplicates are made to tape, however this week the dupicate failed with error E0009444, source duplicate set could not be found.

WTF ? it is there !!! I can see it, I can browse it ... hell, I can even start it manualy !!!

So I start it manualy .... 900MB/min !!!!!

Tape drive is a LTO5, it should around 4000MB/min AT LEAST !!!!

Why is this so slow !!!!

I really start to dislike this release of the product, it is not living up to the expectation and the specs.


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When you duplicate or backup a dedupe folder, it rehydrates the data. If your data is 1TB in size, and gets backed up to a dedupe folder which brings the backup size down to 200GB, the minute it gets streamed off to tape it reinflates the data to 1TB again.

So it's recreating all your data and piecing it together, and this is why it is slow; no way around this.

With regards to the error you received, check the TNs below:


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Hi Craig,

Thanks for your reply.

BE3600 R2 appliances run BE2012. So no policy based scheduling.

The job has run succesfully in a Full/Inc/Duplicate before, however, to better balance my resources over all 4 appliances a changed the destination storage for that job to another appliance.

Past saturday it succesfully run a Full backup to the new destination storage, but fails the Inc on Sunday and fails the duplicate to tape.

Both failed jobs have error code E0009444.


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...have you tried to recreate the duplicate job?

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Apparently there are some issues when a Job is created with the Client Side Deduplication option enabled.

After 5 or more jobs E0009444 errors starts to rain down.

Solution: disable Client Side Dedup.

The performance lag when rehydrating backups to tape is a more serious issue. I am waiting on a statement of Symantec about the "real" speed it should handle and wheather they tested this with LTO5 or LTO6.

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I am getting about 380MB/min on an Exchange 2007 GRT full thats duplicating to LTO-6 tape.  Rehydration is a killer.

CraigV's picture's going to be like this for most, if not all, vendor dedupe software...frown

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