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Backup Exec 2012 "end of dataset" on duplicate

Created: 03 Dec 2012 • Updated: 07 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I recently moved to Backup Exec 2012. It was a clean install. During the initial implementation, I had an incremental backup that ran across a server restart causing the backup job to fail. Since then, the duplicate incrementals job for that server fails with the error, "Unexpected end of backup set encountered on Thecus N8900. V-79-57344-34004 - End of data set was unexpectedly encountered." So at least one of the backup sets on the disk unit is corrupted because of the incomplete backup. 

In prior versions, I'd simply right click on the duplicate job, select "Edit selection list" and remove the bad set(s) from the list. Unfortunately, that feature seems to have been removed in version 2012. In fact, I do not see a place anywhere that I can tell Backup Exec to "stop trying to duplicate" a corrupted backup set. New incremental jobs have run and successfully completed. A new full backup job has run and successfully completed. But the error continues.

So how do I fix it?


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Delete the server from the Backup Exec console and then readd it. Create and run a new backup Job.

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That sucks as a solution. Then you have to re-run the full backup. Nevertheless, if that is THE solution, then I'll do it Friday before the next full and just live with the stupid error until then. Otherwise I live without backups until then...

Maybe that could be fixed eventually... Have to admit this has been the most painful upgrade since I started working with backup. Wish I had NOT upgraded. Sometimes it just pays to stick with the old version I guess so other people have to deal with this pain.

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You don't have to delete the server.  If you have other jobs for the server, this would delete all the jobs for that server.  All you need is to delete the job with the duplicate set and then create a new job.

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Thanks. That's what I did this morning. I'm sure that will solve it. It's still a stupid solution. Backup Exec 2012 still feels like "downgrade" rather than an upgrade. So many things are different and less flexible. I can see though how it might make things simpler for a less experienced admin...

Please, Symantec, bring back the "edit selection list" feature for the schedule duplicate jobs so we can drop a bad backup from the duplicate list. It's just way simpler that having to delete and set up the backup jobs again...