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Backup Exec 2012 Exchange GRT Restore from Tape is Empty

Created: 05 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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Dear all,

I am running exchange 2003 enterprise edition with arround 100GB of data. i have taken GRT enabled backup on Tape Drive and its successfull. but when i try to restore single email, icannot expand more then the selected date when i have that backup on tape. in simple the backup is empty.

if i try to restore the full Exchange Database then i can see the mailbox databases are available for restore from Tape.

to confirm the GRT i took another backup (with GRT) on tape drive but still i am unable to restore single item.

GRT restore is successfull if i take backup on Disk. but on Tape i am unable to go to individual level.

FYI:  i am having C:\Temp as temp location and the drive has arround 300 GB free space. i am using default domain administrator account.

ANy Thoughts ???


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What happens when you duplicate the tape backup set to disk and then restore from this disk backup set?

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When i run a stagged backup D2D2T    with GRT and then restore from that backup i can restorey individual items.

problem is only when i run backup with GRT on Tape then i have only choice for Full DB Restore not individual Item ???

WHy ??


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From the BE 2012 admin guide, under the Exchange section:

Configure a backup job that has all of the following settings:
- A disk storage device other than a legacy backup-to-disk folder is the destination device.
- The Granular Recovery Technology option is enabled.
- A backup method other than a snapshot method.

Another way of seeing this is that for GRT jobs, a disk storage device should be used.

The technical reason behind this requirement is that the graunlar items of a backup could only be mapped and recorded in to the catalog (so you could see them during restore) from a random access device.
Disks are random access devices, tapes are sequential access devices.

That also explains why when you first backup to disk, then duplicate to tape, you would still have the graunlar information in the catalog for you to see and restore granular items with, from tape.
When a backup first arrives at disk, graunlar information will be collected from it and into the catalog, before the backup gets duplicated to tape.
(Although in this case you would still have to first duplicate from tape back to disk before a restore because of the same random access requirement.)

If you backup directly to tape without first going through disk, then the catalog won't be able to collect/map the granular components from the backup. Hence, you will not see granular items during restore; you will only be able restore the entire backup as a whole.
If a backup goes directly to tape, I don't think duplicating it to disk would enable granular items to be restored because if the granular mapping isn't done during the initial backup, it couldn't be done later.

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Although disk is the prefered medium for GRT backups.  There is nothing to say that you cannot backup straight to tape.  When you do GRT restores from tape, the backup set is first staged to disk before the restore begins.

Also, in terms of enumerating the individual items in the catalog, there is no difference between using tape or disk media.