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Backup exec 2012 file server full backup failing

Created: 09 Nov 2012 • Updated: 21 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

Hi guys,

I have around 12 servers on my backup exec 2012 server (v.14.0 rev.1798). in which some have SQLs and other applications and 2 file servers.

all servers are successful backups (full and Incremental) except one of the file servers.

this file server is a windows 2003 SP 2 32-bits

with the latest Backupexec agent available. (14.0.1798.0)

the amount of folders/files i need to backup is 2.4T

running small jobs ex: 30 Gigs" are successfull.

Now, running a full backup which ran for 2 day more or less at a speed of 550 MB/Min average which completed 2T and started to verify the information and ended up failing.

I have tried to do this multiple times including re-creating jobs just in case any file is corrupted.

this is a sample error msg i get after the backup fails

Directory Network shares\Users\jose.grao\P Jose2\usb\Costa Rica Sav muller\ was not found, or could not be accessed. None of the files or subdirectories contained within will be backed up. V-79-57344-33967 - The directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed.

now i try to run a backup on that folder it completes successfully.

the library we are using is QUANTUM Scalar i40-i80

Once again, all the backups that i have are successfully (fulls and Incrementals), it is just this server that is causing issues and it very important to finish it successful since we havent had a full backup of it for quite a while.

After the backup fails, seems to start again. If i go to the job history that particular backup appears as resumed, what does that mean ? will continue from where it left off or start all over ?

Your help is greatly appreciated it.

Leo P.

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1.  Go to the command prompt and run CHKDSK /r /f to verify the integrity of the disk and fix any file system errors. Note: (This will require the server be rebooted so make sure you have scheduled maintenance for downtime)
2.  Defragment the volume where the data in question resides
3.  If the issue still exists after running CHKDSK /r /f completes successfully and defragmenting the volume where the data resides, then refer to the failed job log to see which directories are having the issue and copy and paste the data in question to a different location 

4.  Edit the backup job to point to the new location and if the results are successful then try renaming or deleting the original location and copy and paste the data back to a newly created directory with the same path as the original location.

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Where is this directory Network shares\Users\jose.grao\P Jose2\usb\Costa Rica Sav muller\  located?  Are they on the remote server or on some other remote devices?  If they are on some remote devices, how are they set up on remote server.

If  Network shares\Users\jose.grao\P Jose2\usb\Costa Rica Sav muller\ is a share name, don't back it up.  Just backup the actual directory on the remote server. For example, if C:\AA is shared as \\Server1\AA, you just need to backup C:\AA and you can omit backing up \\Server1\AA