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Backup Exec 2012 - Full Backup and then Incremental/Differential on other server

Created: 11 Mar 2013 | 3 comments


I have some question about full backup and incremental/differential after.

I want to do full backup on the media server in some location and then migrate/send the tape with backup to other location.

In the other location I want to do incremental/differential backup to this full backup. But I don't know If It will be working and Is this the best solution.

Full backup spend about 1 hour in that location, but by the network directly to other media server it spend a lot of time so I try to find a faster way to have additional backup of this server.

Maybe there is some better solution.

Of course beyond of doing a full backup directly by network to other media server.

Thanks for answers

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Kind of need a lot more info

If using Archive bit and ONLY standard fiel system backups then it will probably work.

If not using Archive bit or doing anything with teh more advanced agenst and options that it almost certainly won't work.

If you have slow links then you should probably be looking at some form of DeDuplication setup with a local media server onsite and then Optimized Duplication to the remote media server.

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Thank you for your reply.

In the first place will use the Archive bit, but I think that ultimately may be needed more advanced options. As for Deduplication I can try to apply it, because in this case it is possible, but due to the fact that the backup is performed later on the tape It will be even more difficult to restore (the need to recover the disk and then restore the total). I will try this options and find a solution.

When I try do backup job I must use Full backup and then add Incremental/Differential. When I have Full Backup created in the another media server I want only for example differential to that Full backup. Not new backup. But I don't have history of full backup on this media server. I have only information from Catalog this media. Will it work when I create backup job and take Hold On the Full backup job and Scheduled/Run only Differential part ?
At first as you written.


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Archive bit file system backups depend entirely on the the file system on the server being backed up as it is the file system that holds the archive bits. Hence no journalling or indexing via the catalogs to work out what needs to be backed up next. Although your restore operations are going to get interesting if you need some data back form the full and some back from the Incremental. Also if running BE 2012 it won't let you run an incremental until at leats one full is run, so a local full will be needed to start the sequence.

Really you are trying to find a workaround for what appears to be an environmental limitation (speed of WAN links and where you want your backup data to be kept)  and the best answer is to look at / invest in a more advanced solution.

In thoeory if you look at Dedup you can do the folloiwng

Backup to Dedup folder within one site

Optimized Duplication data from DeDup folder on the original site to Dedup folder on a remote site

Duplicate to tape at the remote site from the optimized duplication target,.