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Is Backup Exec 2012 the future for SMB Backup in 2013?

Created: 15 Jan 2013 • Updated: 21 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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So i am waiting for nearly a year to get support for major Microsoft Products with BE 2012.

And now i get the information, that an upcoming BETA in MARCH 2013 will start with focus on
Windows 2012, Hypr-V, SQL 2012 SP1, Exchange 2013 WITHOUT GRT and some more feature.

Ich swaped Backup Exec 2010 to 2012 and got a hell of problems...


there will be a 2010 R3 Release with Support for SQL 2012 and Windows 2012 ... but no Exchange 2013.

Is it worth waiting for someday that Symantec will releaes a product that (might)  support Microsoft Product that are more than 12 month old (SQL 2012).
When did they supported SQL 2012 RTM if they are going to support SQL 2012 SP1 there had better be a version for SQL 2012 RTM.

I planned to move to BE 2012 1TB or 2TB Edition in March, but the product is still in Beta and no land in sight!.

And still no Windows 8 Support.

Has anyone tested Microsoft DPM 2012 SP1 and SCCM SP1, is this a working solution for Backup a complete Hyper-V 3.0 Farm and Exchange 2013 ?

I can get complete System Center Familiy for free, so the problem will be others , but hey, i get support from Microsoft for their product in normal business hours ...


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CraigV's picture

Hi Jurgen,

From a Symantec-perspective, BE 2012 is the obvious choice and they appear to be doing a lot of work on getting support for products that were listed in the latest Beta announcement (I saw that earlier).

The other vendors...well, you shouldn't technically get any information on them here since they are competitors. There would be enough information on the web for that. give you an idea of support from other vendors, here is CA's stance on Windows Server 2012 & Windows 8:

They seem to be a couple months ahead of Symantec in the Beta department, but I think there is a lot more going on behind the scenes with BE 2012 not being so well received. However, no mention on whether or not previous versions like ARCserve r15 would support Windows Server 2012, so maybe the same stance is being taken by vendors...not sure on that.

The choice is yours if you want to wait and run the Beta or check out a competitor. I can say that we have discounted MS DPM completely and will not be using it in our outsource at all.

Check our Gartner as well if you can to see where the backup vendors are placed and make your decision accordingly.


EDIT: Our outsource will be rolling out BE 2012 w/SP1a in the coming weeks in limited environments.

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Hi CraigV

first i would like to wish your outsource team all the best and good luck with the roll out.
They must realy be some tough guy.

But with all the problemslast year and still not be able to backup Microsoft Products that where released in 3/2012 (SQL 2012) i need to make a decision.

I need to backup Windows 2012 Servers and Hyper-V System and SQL 2012 SP1 servers NOW!

I would buy the 1TB or 2TB License for BE 2012, but that wouldn´´t help me, i cant backup my servers.

I am going to start DPM SP1 evaluation in the next days, i had done this last year just for fun and was able to backup the first server after 4 hours of installation.

How long will it take after Beta release to get a stable, working product?

JuergenB's picture

Arcserve would be last Product in my Choice to backup Windows Servers.
They had a god solution in the past,

Symantec would be my choice if i had to choose between arcserve and symantec.

CraigV's picture

Don't get me started on ARCserve...3 month support call with NO responses; being told that ARCserve 12.5 DEFINITELY improved on ARCserve 11.5 speed issues and didn't...*sigh*.

Your business needs should drive your requirement for your backup software. Beta programmes normally take a couple of weeks whereby feedback is used to fix issues or make enhancements. So on that basis, and not being a Symantec employee (they also won't commit which is right!) I can't comment.

If you have applications you need to be backed up now that aren't supported, then I think you have answered your own question.

But, why not hop onto the Beta programme if you aren't already?

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JuergenB's picture


i have been hoped on Beta and have been invited by Symantec.

But they always tell me, tomorrow, tomorrow all will be fine ...

They even can´t rebuild simple bugs within their lab environment and the new GUI?
They call me and ask me to try this Orphan fix and if this doesn´t help, please try that Orphan fix.

For me BE 2012 is Bananaware ...
Hey and Banana´s are yellow to ..