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Backup Exec 2012 with Hyper V and multiple domains

Created: 18 Dec 2012
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I have a situation where we want to backup up several Hyper-V Servers from several domains (see attached image)

There is no trust between Domain1 and Domain2

The Domain Admins group in Subdomain1.Domain2 and Subdomain2.Domain2 are global and not universal, making it impossible for the backup admin in Domain2 to be a member of the Subdomains' Admin Groups

My main issue is: How should logon accounts be treated during backup of these servers? I am able to back it all up, but unable to restore Application data from Domain2 (including the subdomains) without adding that as separate backups (agent backups)

Is it possible, in any manner, to to this? I have backup administrator accounts in all four domains, and the appliance is connected to two IP ranges (one on eth1 and one on eth2.

When we installed the remote agents, we had to specify the local domains' backup admin accounts to push install, but it doesn't seem to help us when backing it all up.

Help is deeply appreciated :)