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Backup Exec 2012 on Hyper-V VM backing up to pool of shared drives attached to underlying Hyper-V Core Server?

Created: 19 Nov 2012
Could you confirm if the following scenario is supported
by Backup Exec 2012, and if so is there any documentation
to explain how to set it up correctly.
We have a 2012 Hyper-V Server running Server Core.
On that Server there is a virtual machine running
Server 2008 and within that Server, Backup Exec 2012 
is running. 
We need Backup Exec 2012 to backup to a pool of USB drives
that are attached to the USB port on the underlying Hyper-V 
Core Server. As Hyper-V does not support USB passthrough,
if these drives are instead "shared" then added to a pool in 
Backup Exec 2012, can they then be rotated mon,tues,wed,thurs,fri?
So far, implementing this method in testing has shown that 
it does not work reliably as Backup Exec 2012 seems to loose 
track of which drives are connteced and as drives are rotated
there is no guarantee that they will always appear with the
same share name?
Is this a recommended/supported method and if so what is the 
correct way to implement it?