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Backup exec 2012 with IBM Auto Loader TS3100

Created: 26 Aug 2013 | 2 comments

Software: Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 SP1.

Hardware:  TS3100 LTO5, 10 LTO5 Media Cartridge.

Data backup type: MS SQL, File.


 -  Set 1 Jobs Daily Full backup for all Server but per server can choose different data example: server 1 backup SQL and 1 Folder on D:\, server2 need backup only System state.

 - Daily Jobs assign with one Tape, Example: Backup at Monday is write to tape name MONDAY-BK and MONDAY-BK2 (if need more capacity), Tuesday write to TUESDAY-BK. if not true tape, jobs don’t run.

 - When the Jobs success, auto export media.

If this requirements can do, please guide to me.

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I suggest you to configure partitions to let the jobs run to separate dedicated tapes but you need to ensure there are enough tapes for each day's backup.

Let me know the version of Backup Exec you're using.

Anyways, presupposing the version as BE2010 or below, I've mentioned the following links.

Creating, configuring, and targeting a backup job to a Robotic Library partition in Backup Exec For Windows Server

How to export media using export media template in Backup Exec 11d and above for Windows Servers

Hope this helps!! Kindly, mark this as solution if it resolves your issue.