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Backup exec 2012 install on windows 2003 sbs sp2 mdac mismatch

Created: 12 Nov 2012


   I am trying to install backup exec 2012 sbs on windows 2003 sbs sp2 but it will not install. after numerous calls to symantec support they have finally said i have a mdac mismatch issue which i accept that there is one but the mismatch is above the stated version and i have traced it to an update namely kb2419635 which updated the following dll's to later versions.

      Dll                  expected              found

msaco                2.82.3959.0            2.82.4795

msadcs                  "                              "

msado15               "                               "

msadomd              "                               "

msadox                  "                              "

msjro                      "                             "

odbc32               3.526.3959            3.526.4795

msxml3               8.801185.0            8.100.1051.0

Would this cause backup exec install to fail and even if i remove the update manually then because it is a security update then it would then need to be reinstalled causing the backup exec install/services to fail.            

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