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Backup Exec 2012 licensing problem

Created: 21 Aug 2012 • Updated: 23 Aug 2012 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I got a renewal to Backup Exec 2010, with license files send with it. But I can't install it with licenses, only in trial version.

When I import the slf file I get the attached picture

and when I click Next I get this, when I try to install the Agent.


On top off that I can't remove it, as it will say "Product licenses may not be deleted".

I can't get in touch with Symantec, as there support site is under maintance or something like that.

I'm about to blow up with frustration, so I hope someone in here can help me out.

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Its saying "A serial number for the Backup Exec product must be entered" because the main (core product) Backup Exec license has not been added in the above list.

I can see Agent for Windows (which is the only product license i.e. Agent license in the list, but, not the core or main license for the Backup Exec product)

All others in the list are Maintenance contract liencses.

You will need to add the Core Product i.e. Backup Exec 2012 serial number (as shown in TECH183970)

Without adding a serial number for the main Backup Exec 2012 product, it will not allow adding an Agent for Windows (which is only a part of the main product) serial number.

In case you're having trouble with contacting the licensing team, you can attempt to contact them on the following number :

1 800 327 2232 > Option 1 > Option 2

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Okay, I thought that the Backup Exec 2012 named was the main program.

Is there a way to remove the agent, until I get the serial for the main program

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Adding to below comment, you can also email the licensing team on

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You need not remove the agent. Since you have the agent licence, it won't be a big deal to get the core Backup exec licence. Just call licencing at 1-800-721-3934, wait for an agent. But you must get the core licence at the same place where you got the agent licence. Check you upgradation notice e-mail if you can find a licence for "Backup exec 2012".

If you have just installed the Backup exec you have 60 days trial left. You may install the licences any time.


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As i can see the license for BE 2012 maintanance among the list, you should be having the product license also in another slf file (I believe symantec won't be shipping maintenace license without providing core). Make sure you have not missed importing any slf files while installing. If you received the serail numbers in mail/hard copy, register them in and download the slf files from there.

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Well first I received several slf files from my vendor, which didn't work. The number matched what was in the certificate.

Then I finally got into the licensing portal for about 5 min and got it to send en combined slf file to me. But that didn't do the trick either.

Now I can't get into the licensing portal again :-(

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I mailed them at, and then made some work to my account. After that I could get the license for the main program also.