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Backup Exec 2012 mail notification problem

Created: 22 Oct 2012 | 5 comments


we have deployed backup exec 2012 in our environment ... and i have created a recipient that recieves the notification emails for all jobs

but we discovered that some jobs don't send notifications and other jobs do that...

it is the same recipient for all jobs.. but some jobs don't send notification...

we have made sure that all the jobs have the notification checked in....

why do some jobs don't send notifications ??

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Enable authentication in your job properties there and see if this rectifies it.

Are the traps for the jobs you're not receiving alerts for being triggered? Ie. Insert Overwritable Media...


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the problem is.. these settings for the recipient email works for some jobs... and when i send a test email .. the test email is sent successfully..

some jobs when they finish they send a notification email and some other jobs don't send although all jobs are sending to the same recipient wirh the same settings ...

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Is the "job log" being included in the notifications ? If yes, try unchecking this option & see if it works or not.

Haytham Helmy's picture

yes... in all the jobs... the job log is included....

i will try to uncheck it and see ..

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Check size of job log for the jobs which you are not getting notification.

If you have 10 mb limit for attachment in mail and job log is more than 10 mb backup exec will not be able to send notification.