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Backup Exec 2012 - Media Sets Usage

Created: 15 Mar 2013 | 1 comment


At this time, I have five tapes for backups. It is done that on each tape include backup of the whole week, day after day, and then in the next week backup go to the next tape. In this way, at the end I have a backup of five weeks. I set the Overwrite Protection 4 weeks and Append Protection for 6 days. The solution is one small downside. If a tape be spoiled I can recover only the latest data from the end of the previous week. Of course, backup is duplicated, so it is protected. But I wonder whether it can better to backup each day on a separate tape, and when I have problem with tape, I can go back one day with backup. I wonder how to set the media sets to not allow append to tape only on selected days of the week. So the backup go on Monday and then BE shouldn't append to this tape until next Monday? Is such a solution is being used, or maybe some other? Of course, everyone has their own idea, but it's always worth to know what others think.

thanks for answers

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When you append to a tape, the OPP is calcaluted from the end of the job that last write to the tape.  Your proposed scheme would extend the OPP by one week and it is very difficulat to set the OPP so that your tape can be overwritten at the correct time.

There is no right way or wrong way of protecting your data.  You realise the limitation of your present scheme, so I would suggest that you live with it.  It is a good simple scheme.  Ideally, you would have lots of tape and each backup would be on their own tape, but this is expensive.  Your present scheme is a good compromise.