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Backup Exec 2012 No Maintenance Contract found after BE reinstallation

Created: 16 Dec 2013 | 10 comments


We had our BE 2012 with SP2 in workgroup and working fine. We also purchased DLO so we planned to install it but it required to be a domain system so we joined our BE 2012 server in a domain and also changed our hostname (previous one was windows default set computer name during OS install). And installed DLO. After that we had problem in starting our BE 2012 services. So we uninstalled and reinstalled the BE2012.

During reinstallation it showed applied license information which we could not remove. Installation went smooth and BE 2012 services are starting fine and working fine. But it shows "No maintenance contract found " .  Also we have applied two .slf files during initial install (very first time during BE installation) which includes base product and additional two years maintenance contract license.

Kindly guide me to make it correct.

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Have you tried removing all your licences, rebooting your media server and then reinstalling all your licences?

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Yeah, It is not allowing to remove the licenses and getting "Product License may not be deleted" message. 

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Maintence contracts reporting incorrectly is an issue tht was reported by a Symantec developer 9th December - it appears to relate to SP3 itself and I therefore assume that as part of your re-install. you did put SP3 on the system. This issue should not affect the operation of Backups and Restores, in reality only affecting the status on the home screen and any alerts that would normally be seen on the true expiry of your maintenance period. The product licenses themselves do not expire.

Whilst we are aware of it, our developers don't usually write public documentation for issues they identify as such I will be sorting out a public article later today.

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Thanks for your reply. By the way we are using BE 2012 with SP2. Is this issue shows up in SP2 too?

Kindly update me.

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I am not aware that this issue was seen prior to SP3 so you may have a different problem. Although if you recently re-installed as LiveUpdate would not give you SP2 anylonger are you sure you are still on SP2?

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Yeah, I'm sure and I checked in 'Installed Updates', it's showing Backup Exec 2012 SP2 only.

And I reinstalled the BE2012 on 20th Dec '13. Backup server doesn't have any internet access.

And  when i checked with License Agreement we have received, there is like 28 .slf files for Base product and Maintenance licenses for additional 2 years. But when we login in the license portal there are only two license (.slf) files are available i.e, VMware agent have one .slf file and all other products are having same .slf. file.  (License registration was done by another person who is not available currently). Is it normal or something is missing?

I'm also attaching screenshots of license details and maintenance contract windows.

Maintenance Lic.pdf 417.59 KB
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Thanks for the link. But in our Maintenance Contract Information it is not showing any details like Feature, Serial No and Expiration Date.

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Well the SP3 issue is now documented under

I doubt we will fix it in SP2 (assuming that what you have is a related condition) and we are looking to address in the future.