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Backup Exec 2012 not flagging remote agents as needing updates

Created: 27 Sep 2012 • Updated: 28 Sep 2012 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We have been using BE2012 for a little over a month now and overall, things are going very well.  We have run into a few small problems, one of them being with the live update notification feature. For example, we recently installed the latest hotfix (194470) on our BE administration server.  The next day, I received an alert which stated: "The Agent for Windows on at least one server does not have the most recent updates."

The issue is Backup Exec is not flagging any of our remote agents as needing the update (i.e. the icon next to our remote servers is not changing to indicate an update is needed).  According to the "Backup and Restore" tab, all of our remote agents are updated (as indicated by the Windows flag icon).  In addition, when viewing the Properties tab for each server, I see "YES" listed under the section: "Do the updates installed on this server match the updates installed on the backup server?"

Despite this, I will continue to receive the live update warning notification on a daily basis. I also know an update is needed, since I had recently installed the 194470 hotfix.  Anyone have some ideas on how to resolve this? Does BE2012 only consider remote agents to be out of date if a service pack is not installed, or does it look for hotfixes as well? Honestly, it really is not a big deal since we only have 8 servers total.  I can simply keep track of which ones need updating; however, I like our software to be 100% functional.  I would like to resolve this if possible.

As far as our live update config, we have it set to check daily at 2:20pm Mountain.  It is set up to send an alert when updates are available; it will not install them automatically.  

Thank you for your help! 

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It is good practice to push out the remote agent after applying any hotfix or SP.  You should not wait for an alert.  If you do not push out the remote agent to the server, it is not updated.

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Thank you for the quick response.  I will start updating the agents as soon as I install the hotfix. I am still curious as to why the update notification is not working correctly on our server.  When I first installed BE2012, it did notify me which exact agents needed an update (by changing the icon next to the server name).  I am wondering why it seemed to stop for no reason. 

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I can't answer you because I never wait for any alert.  The normal routine should be: Apply HF or SP, then push out remote agents to all the servers.

If you really want an answer, you would probably need to start a support case with Symantec so that they can take a look

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Will do!  I think for now I will follow your advice and just immediately push out the available hotfix to our servers.  I will start a ticket with Symantec support sometime next week.  Thanks for the help!