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Backup Exec 2012 Not Letting Me Free Up Space

Created: 27 Sep 2012 • Updated: 08 Feb 2014 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello, I have a backup server where I use 2 external drives as backup media (1.5TB each). Recently I have been running out of room and can not figure out how to reclaim much of my space. I went to the backup sets tab and saw that all the sets I have only amount to about 200GB, I could not account for what happened to the rest of the space.

So I read the following article:

And enabled the ability to view all the media. Under there I have 4 listings of 50GB each that say the overwrite protection is set to "Infinite - Never Overwrite".

However, I can not find any area that lets me change this period to something like 1 week. Does anyone know where I can find these settings and force Backup exec to give me back my space?

Thank you for any help in this matter.

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When you use DIsk Storage, the media is managed by DLM.  See this blog.

To understand a bit better how backup sets are deleted, see my article below

Perhaps you have missed the grooming cycle because your disks are unplugged.  Leave them plugged in overnight and see what happens.

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Thank you for the helpful links that expalin how DLM manages my data. However, I am still lost at where I can find the settings to change the append/overwrite periods. I have had this drive plugged in for the last couple of days as I tried to figure this issue out and the hard drive is still full.

In Backup Exec 2010 before DLM I was able to simply go in to the properties of my media sets and adjust these settings whenever I needed to, I can't seem to find these settings anywhere in 2012.

I am attaching what I see under media as well as my hard drive screen.

Thanks again for the help.

media.jpg media2.jpg
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Today I installed all updates using live update and did an inventory of the media. Once I did this I could see all my jobs dating back to May or this year. Once I deleted these jobs my storage space was reclaimed.

Was this a known bug in Backup Exec that the updates fixed?

How can I verify that data will be overwritten properly in the future?

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Disk Storage does not use media sets to manage the media.

There are some users who have complained about their old backup sets in their Disk Storage not being deleted.  You should open a support case with Symantec so that they can take a look at your problem.