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Backup Exec 2012 Optimized Deduplication

Created: 23 Oct 2012 | 2 comments
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I am trying do an optimized deduplication backup accross the WAN to a DR site.  We have configured the backup servers and the jobs on an single site and "seeded" the backups.  We are now going to move the DR server to the DR site.  The big question on everyones mind is "how much data is going to actualy move over the WAN"  I can not seem to find a place where Backup Exec reports what the delta size is that it moves in an Optimized Deduplication.  Has any one had any experiance with a senerio like this.

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I have not actually done this  but am also working on a proposal for a customer. I do not know if there is a way to predict this. The data that will be moved over the wan will only be the new chunks. So it actually depends on your backups and mainly how much the data changes daily. I think the only way  to predict this is to monitor the space on the deduplication folder to see how much it grows after the backup completes. The daily growth should match the amount of data being transferred to the dr site

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Run the job and look for the dedupe stats in it and then use the following formula to calculate it

Look at the Backup Set Summary - example:

Backed up 13 files in 3 directories

Processed 47,984,238 bytes in 8 seconds

Throughput rate: 343 MB/min

Compression Type: None

A - scanned: 50187 KB

The amount of data that was sent into the deduplication process (should roughly match the amount of data being backed up)

B - stream rate: 11.99 MB/sec

The rate at which the data stream was processed

C - CR sent: 40349 KB

The amount of data that was sent to the CR = Content Router = Backup Exec Deduplication Engine

D - dedup: 19.6%

(((A) – (C)) / (A)) * 100 = D . So, in this case ((50187 - 40349) / 50187) * 100 = 19.6%. So, 19.6% of the data did not need to be sent to the deduplication folder. 80.4% of the data was new.