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Backup Exec 2012 Optimized Deduplication to offsite not working

Created: 14 May 2013

My config:

NY (production): BE 2012 with dedup option. Acts as my local backup server

NJ (offsite / DR): BE 2012 with dedup option and CASO option. This server acts as my Central Admin server and I would like all jobs that finish in NY to be duplicated here. 


I want to ensure that all data from NY is duplicated to NJ in case I lose the NY site. I also need to ensure that the data being duplicated over to my NJ site is just delta data and not whole backups.

My Problem: 

I have configured dedup disks on both my NY and NJ servers. The job is configured to backup a server in NY then duplicate that data to NJ immediately after the backup job has completed. I have found that my backup job runs fine but the duplicate job to my NJ site does not work even though it says successful. Please see attached screen grab of config.


No error when backup is completed but when I check the backup sets on the NY server all backups are there. When I check backup sets in my NJ server the backup sets are empty.

Operating Systems: