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Backup Exec 2012 - Please explain Priorities

Created: 28 Mar 2014 | 7 comments

We are running a backup jog successfully using priorities backing up 3 servers using the highest, medium and lowest priorites.  We added another server to the backup job (after installing the windows agent on the new server) and set it's priority to medium.  The backup job ran successfully for the original 3 jobs, but the new job never ran, as it was asking for new media in the drive.

The big question is - can you use one of the priority levels more than once for a backup job.  Or are we limited to the 5 priorities provided and then we have to create ANOTHER backup job.

I would be really good to get the answer on this.  Thanks

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The TN below explains priorities:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks but the information  above I already know.  What I want to know is if you can use the priority levels more than once in a Backup job.

For example, we have a highest, a medium and a lowest.  We thought we could add another medium priority job to the Backup job but the backup failed.  Did it FAIL because it ignored the 2nd medium priority? If we cannot use the priority levels more than once in a backup job, this means we can only have 5 BACKUP scenarios in one job and only use each priority once?!

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You can use priorities any number of times. It is only when jobs are contending for resources that priority comes into play. If you set priority and run your jobs sequentially then the priority setting has no effect.

The fact that your new job is asking for new media has nothing to do with priority. It is a result of not having either appendable our overwritable media when the job runs. Make sure that you have sufficient overwritable media BEFORE you job starts will solve your problem

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Let me try to explain again.  Our tape has 1tb space, space is not the problem.  

We are NOT running sequential backup jobs, the priorities DO make a difference.

We have 4 backup jobs that are set to run at 19:00 every week-day.  Job number 1 with Highest Priority, runs first, with overwrite media in place.  Job number 2 with medium priority runs with the Append in place.  Job number 3 runs at Lowest priority and runs with append in place and then ejects the tape at the end.

We want to add a 4th job to the list, with append chosen.  We tried running the job with medium priority selected.  For some reason, the first 3 jobs ran as normal, the tape was ejected and the 4th job was running but requesting a tape be mounted.

We are therefore wondering, if by using priorities,we cannot have 2 jobs using medium priority, but have to use a priority that is left unused, i.e. tonight we will be using the low priority to see if the job runs ok and includes the 4th new backup job in the correct sequence.

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Are you sure that the 4th job did not start, fill the remaining space on tape and then eject it and ask for a second tape as this would also have the effect you describe

Also check that none of your existing jobs have eject at end set.

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My 4th job only backs up 230MB, I have a 1 1/2 TB tape, 300gb is all that is backed up by the other jobs.  I am sure the tape has not run out of space.

The fourth job, did not run BEFORE the Lowest priority job, it ran AFTER it.  That is the dilemma.  

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It should be obvious to you by now that priorities are not suitable for what you are trying to do.

Your jobs need to run sequentially.  If the jobs overlap, they might not append to your tapes.  See my article below for an explanation

To run your jobs proper in a certain order, you can either schedule them sequentially so that they do not overlap or chain them.  For the latter, see my article below