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Backup Exec 2012. Print required of slot details

Created: 28 Jan 2014 | 5 comments

Hi all,

I want to print details of a particulr slot, as I have to send the tape off-site after it is full with multiple backups on it. I want to put the print of what is there on the tape. On Backup Exec 2012, if you go to storage tab, open slots, open a slot number and see backup sets on the left side, you get a list of what is there on the tape. How I can get a print of it? Please see attached file. 

Second question is how can I backup catalogue files of any particular tape both .fh and .xml to a cd may be, and put it along with the tape off-site, so if catalogue on tape goes corrupt, I will still have catalogues on usb or cd whatever. And what should be the procedure to restore this type of catalogue?


Rizwan Ul Haq

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You might want to check the Cat Tools tool for BE 2012:

This would export the details of that tape's catalog.

If not, there should be a canned report you can run which will list the tape's contents.


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Thanks Craig,

It is of no use in my case, I converted a .fh file, but it contains backup details of one server only, on granular level. Where as in a tape, I have several backups of eah server and there are many servers!!

I did try the reports, but even it is of no use.

I need a report or list of backups on ONE tape with corresponding dates.

Any idea...

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Hi Rizwan,

My only other advice would be to look at a 3rd party application like Solarwinds Backup Profiler (now rolled up into Storage Manager)...I ended up implementing it as it far exceeded what BE's canned reports could.

I looked at Op Center, but it was much too complicated to implement...


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If you have tried the BE reports and found them wanting, it may be easier to just do a screenshot just like your attachment.

There is no need to backup the catalog for a specific tape.  If the catalog is corrupt, you just put the tape into your tape drive/library, inventory and catalog it.

As part of your regular backup of the media server, you should be backing up the Catalog directory under the BE installation directory.  This will contain the catalogs for all your media.

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Hi PKH, thanks for your reply. For the report, I am already using the screenshot method.

For the catalogues, I will this folder from BE installation path to the backupset.

Thanks for your time and reply.