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Backup Exec 2012 problems

Created: 09 Oct 2013 | 8 comments

All, I have recently built a new Backup Server to run all my backup jobs on. I have used Backup Exec for years, and last server was using BE 2010 SP3. On new server, I wish to combine backups for multiple servers into one job. BE 2012 unable to do this option. Also, I want to configure my jobs to overwrite or append by my needs, BE 2012 will not allow me to do this. BE treats all my removable (external USB) drives as fixed disks, and runs them through DLM. 

Is there any way to make BE 2012 be configurable like 2010 or earlier versions? If not, can I use the licenses that I just paid $1600.00 for to run BE 2010 instead of 2012. I have this new file server for a month now, and still do not have a successful backup configured the way I want it.

Any replies would be helpful.

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Unfortunately you would not be able to configure 2012 to run like 2010 as 2012 will not backup multiple servers within one job and will not apply media sets to or overwrite disk based media. This is by design and while this functionality may be integrated in future releases it is currently unavailable. You might be able to downgrade the licenses if need be to use with a 2010 installation, this question would be best answered by Licensing .. see below


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Note that you should always overwrite your disk media and not append to them.  There is no advantage in doing do.  See the last part of my article below for an explanation.

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I agree that you should always overwrite your media. In 2010 when you had 4 servers backed up under 1 job this was an easy task to accomplish. That one job was always set to overwrite the tape and eject after the job was complete. Under 2012 the 4 servers are broken in to 4 jobs so I am not quite sure how to set them to overwrite for the first job and append for each subsequent job as well as eject after the last job?

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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For disk backups we create a new BKF  (or IMG) at the start of every backup set and every bkf/img is limited to one backup set you cannot append to either a BKF or an IMG - but you can create further IMG or BKF in the same disk storage device (which could be interpretted as an  append.)

Also a backup set is one resorurce  so SERVER1\C:, SERVER1\D:, SERVER1\system state, SERVER2\C: and SERVER2\system state would be 5 backup sets and therefore at least 5 bkf (more if a set is bigger than the max size of one bkf)

The way DLM works it a background process identifies sets on disk that are older than the retention period set in the job, have no depndenet sets that are newer and not passed their own expiration and are not the last copy of any given set of data. Every 4 hours the background process then looks for data to delete that meets the above criteris and just deletes it (known as a reclaim)  - as such we never technically do an overwrite any longer, we always do a create new but the background process shou free up space. With detached USB disks you should always plan to reconnect the disk well before the backup is due to start to give chance for DLM to clean up the recently reconnected disk

Tape backups still run as overwrites and use media sets as they always did so you can start Job 1 as Overwrite with Job 2 as Append and scheduled for slightly later etc

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I am confused.  Your OP says that you have problems with disk media and now it seems that your problems are with tape media.  Which is which?   Disk and tape media are handled very differently in BE 2012.  It is not good to get their capabilities mixed up.

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below is a document detaling how to configure your jobs to write to a single tape. you would need to set the OPP so that the tape is clear to be overwritten at the time the first job kicks off and set the final job to eject media on completion. The option to eject on completion is found under storage "within the job properties" just under the append selection radio buttons

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that's the way we handled this : the first job(=server) overwrites the tape, for the next jobs(=servers) we use the append settings of the media-sets. we dont use the eject, because as far as now, the tape was sent back to the right position in the tape-lib.

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For tape libraries, the eject after job complete option has no effect.  The tape will unload back to its slot after each job regardless of whether this option is selected or not.