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Backup Exec 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012

Created: 18 Oct 2012 • Updated: 11 Mar 2013 | 22 comments
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I am looking at implementing Windows Server 2012. I understand that I will have to wait for the R2 release of Backup Exec 2012 to provide support at all fro Windows Server 2012 - is there any news on that release / the beta program?

The real question is - does anyone know the support that will be provided for the windows server 2012 de-duplication functionality in that if we use the server de-duplication functionality will Backup Exec be able to access, back up and restore files?



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Unfortunately, there is no timeline announced yet.

The updated features that have been disclosed for Server 2012 backups are -

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Tinmeline updated, see below.

Director of Marketing, NetBackup

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Hello John,

   Go to the following link to register your name for the Beta program of BE 2012 R2



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Hi John,

New release of BackupExec supporting Windows server 2012 will support Dedupe volumes as well. User can backup, restore data to dedupe volume. Also, user can create storage device on dedupe volumes.

However, release dates are not declared yet.

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Hi John,

Beta has been delayed at December (earliest date) and Release of R2 will be in 2013.
Don´t ask when, i would think maybe march or april.

I have this informtion from symantec tech presales...

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There are no specific dates available yet for support. Please subscribe to the following article to get notified when support is available:

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What is Symantec's advice for those of us having difficulties explaining why we're crippling the corporation to wait for a company that can't even supply an ETA for one of their key products? The options are an ETA from Symantec to plan with, or switching to a provider that it's possible to work with. Thoughts?

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Casi seis meses después de la salida de windows server 2012 y symantec sigue sin ninguna solución.¿Ni siquiera se saben fechas? las fechas que si que nosotros conocemos son las de renovación (o no) de las licencias de symantec....

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David, see below for an update on the dates. This has clearly not been our strongest platform transition but stick with us, it's happening. Gracias...

Director of Marketing, NetBackup

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Server 2012 RTM Date was August 2 2012.  There were beta versions before that to test against.  To not have a backup solution for a Major product that was released 7 months ago is ridiculous.

There should at least be an ETA, at this point for me I cannot wait any longer and need to start looking at other backup solutions, most likely DPM to support our 2012 servers coming online.

If there is going to be a release soon please give an ETA

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Schedule updated below.

Director of Marketing, NetBackup

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The company I work for is unable to invest in upgrades to Windows 2012/Hyper-V 2012/VMWare 5.1/Exchange 2013 without a working backup solution.

Symantec is in no way holding up their end of the implied support contract (namely, that you will invest reasonable effort into supporting your partners' products,) and your customers are owed an explanation for why every other backup vendor on the planet has their act together, but not Symantec.

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Backup Exec is not the only product Symantec are taking their time over supporting Windows 8/Server 2012.

This week, after months (and months) of waiting for Windows 8 support, we retired Symantec Ghost Solution Suite in favour of MS Windows Deployment Services. After over 10 years trusted, happy and reliable service for us, Symantec Ghost has overnight been rendered useless with no creditable explanation from Symantec.

I fear Backup Exec is going the same way. If they don't offer Windows 2012 support by the end of March, I'll have no choice but to move away from the product.

A real shame. What's going on here??

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I've just read through the 'marketing' for the non-ware and Backup Exec 2012 R2 for Windows Server 2012 won't actually run on 2012, it will only be able to back up remote 2012 systems.

Time to move on, I think! Do we get refunds for products sold that are not fit for purpose?

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I agree that it is quite frustrating to not have a working backup solution for Windows Server 2012 and dont understand why Symantec isnt bringing all resources to bear to get this flagship product working? There are other backup software vendors out there that have products ready to go for 2012 and some of us may be FORCED to break what has always been an allegiance to Backup Exec to properly support our customers/employers.Windows Server 2012 has been out to market for quite some time now and in Beta and RC for a very long time before that. Dont understand this very poor planing and response. At a very minimum there shoud be some firm dates announced as to when it will be made available so we can at least plan. Not good Symantec, not good at all.

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I agree to Proxistech, it´s very frustrating. Windows Server 2012 is available since Oktober 2012 :-( What´s the problem Symantec???

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I spoke to Symantec Support team about 3 weeks ago and I was told they are planning to release a new Backup Exec version sometime in May. However my question is how do I backup my new SharePoint 2013 farm, file servers, DC etc!? 

Hurry up Symantec! We're not spending cash here for no reason!

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Hey gang - keep an eye on the Capri beta release for agent support on Windows Server 2012 (as well as a bunch of other additional platform support). Also follow us on Spiceworks, Reddit, Twitter or Google+ Hangouts to engage real time with the experts and ask your specific questions directly.

Director of Marketing, NetBackup

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I am out there on

Connect PackMatt73

Twitter @PackMatt73

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Spiceworks Backup Exec Matt

Along with @BackupExec

We have all kinds of events going on that go into detail about what is happening with Backup Exec.  Please follow me and hit me up at any time with questions, issues, ideas or good recipes for jambalaya.

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UPDATE (same info is on the Beta blog, but thought I'd add it to this thread too):

1. Public beta release is in May
2. General Availability is in July

We, of course, could hit these dates ahead of schedule, but this is what you can plan on.

Director of Marketing, NetBackup

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Now, that is some information that I can work with! Thankyou, Drew. I'd given up on the beta blog as I'm not interested in a beta, just a working product, and those dates give me the chance to plan. Great! A little earlier next time would be much appreciated, though...

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Noted. Were always caught between two stools on this stuff - too early and we might be wrong, too late and it's not relevant. Glad we could help and thanks for sticking with us!

You may be interested to know that we have nearly 2000 participants in the beta, and a special sub-segment receives hands-one in-person visits to run it in production environments. PM me if you'd be interested.

Director of Marketing, NetBackup