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Backup Exec 2012 R2 (now named 2014 Beta) and no valid license

Created: 12 Mar 2014 | 9 comments

We bought a server with a Tandberg Streamer LTO Ultrium 4 and a version of Backup Exec 2012. The server works with Windows Server 2012. Since a verly long time now Symantec promises to release a version of Backup Exec which supports server 2012 as a media server.

I was quite happy when I finally got the message, that the beta 2014 will support installation on windows server 2012. As you can read in the description of the beta it is the formerly known version Backup Exec 2012 R2.

Since Symantec announced to release a working version for Windows Server 2012 I wonder, if I now have to buy a new license?

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pkh's picture

There is no news yet as to whether you need a new set of license keys for BE 2014. Personally, I think you would need a new set of license keys

sidd3009's picture

If you are on active maintenance, you would get Backup Exec 2014 license as a free upgrade. 

Refer to the following statement in the blogs:

"We are still working through the exact eligibility requirements for customers no longer current on maintenance and will provide an update ahead of general availability (GA)."

You might also want to read the comments by other Symantec employees to get details on the Maintenance License Renewal. 


Siddhant Saini
Senior Technical Support Engineer, Symantec Corporation

fspwaku's picture

So is that the solution? Reading two hours on various blogs to find an e-mail adress .. with no concrete steps on how to get the license? 

But thanks anyway ... you have tried at least! wink

My job is sometimes also very depressing ... doing everything fine, get the money for brandnew servers and cooling, getting money for licenses, get a bunch of brandnew racks and then spent hours and hours to get a backup software working. But I really did not want to change with anybody working at symantec and being responsible for that ****

...and I hate to write stuff like that on the internet!

Dirk Ehlers's picture

I think the answer from sidd3009 explains all what you want to know:
- if you have active maintenance you get the BE 2014 license for free with the release of BE 2014
- if you have no maintenance then maybe you need to pay for the new version

fspwaku's picture

To me it does not explain:

  • What do I do meanwhile? I have installed the Beta now to have a working backup solution on my main servers and the license is only valid for the next 58 days. And afaik there is no date published. Maybe you know more.
  • ...and "maybe you need to pay" has nothing to do with knowing anything

Comments like these do not help anybody imho. 

sidd3009's picture
I never knew that you had BE2014 BETA installed. I just wanted to highlight the benefits of working with the BE2014 BETA: 
•         Get support for Windows 2012 and 2012 R2
•         Get granular recovery capabilities for Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013
•         Gain access to a dedicated Beta feedback team who are standing by to assist you throughout the Beta program
•         Upgrade to newer builds throughout the Beta program
•         Upgrade from Beta code to Gold code without having to uninstall/reinstall
•         Run the Beta in a test and/or production environment
•         Leverage the job monitor multi-server jobs functionality that’s back!
Since you have BE2014 BETA installed, you can contact Technical Support and ask for support on it. There's a dedicated team who'd be handling your concerns. 


Siddhant Saini
Senior Technical Support Engineer, Symantec Corporation

hajeemohamed's picture

Hi Srini, 

Backup exec 2012 installed on Windows 2012R2, Is this compatable? while opening we are getting in-compatility error message, please advise how can we proceed further.



Opening Message.jpg
sidd3009's picture

I understand your frustration associated to BE2012. What I can suggest is that you could contact your reseller/partner and check if they could extend your Maintenance Contract(if you had any for BE2012). Again, I do not belong to the licensing team and would not have enough details on the possibilities of getting it done. All I can say for now is that we should wait for the official statement on it. 


Siddhant Saini
Senior Technical Support Engineer, Symantec Corporation

fspwaku's picture

Thanks for your reply. I contacted Kate Lewis, maybe she will help me with the licensing.