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Backup Exec 2012 RDX

Created: 04 Apr 2013 • Updated: 20 May 2013 | 13 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


We are still having issues with our RD1000 device after being assured Backup Exec 2012 can now clear it's previous backups from the tape when set to overwrite.  As with 12.5 and 2010, it's the GRT backups that pile up and mean that we have to format all of our customers tapes manually.

Is there a difinitive fix for this yet please?  This has been going on for far too long now..

Is this the cause?

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mr2nut123's picture

We have installed the following hotfix under instruction of one of your engineers, which hasn't worked:

Jaydeep S's picture

COuld you please check if you are facing the issue because of this

If yes there is a Fix available for the issue. Would be better if you could contact support.

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 Hi Jay,

I'm currently speaking with one of your engineers.  What is the name of the unofficial/non public hotfix for the link you posted?  I can then advise him which one I need.

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You quote Tech 192382 when talking to support and they then escalate again the etrack number quoted at the bottom of the article to get the patch released - the patch itself is not directly available on a public TECH article and does not have a Hotfix Number

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Hi Colin,

I requested the hotfix again but was highly advised not to use it as it makes changes that won't be reversed by R2 and that I should continue to manually format tapes.  Is this true?  If so, when will R2 be out to finally resolve this annoying issue?

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Ok the updates called 'Orphans' that we control the releases of are similar to beta releases (full QA testing not complete etc) As such from time to time Orphans do have issues but are there to either address or troubleshoot a problem. They also have to be updated if we release a hotfix or patch that is not designed to address the issue in the orphan so that you can use the latest patches and continue to use a version of the orphan.

This particular orphan is currently actively used by a number of customers

In the case of this IMG folders not being reclaimed from RDX problem, the public fix will be part of what we currently believe will be called Backup Exec 2012 SP2 which is the same update that will support Windows 2012 and ESX 5.1  and (subject to change will be the next major Hotfix to 2012) However this particular update will be going through a beta testing phase as it adds functionality and that beta is due to start in May (again date subject to change) with a final public release to follow

Backup Exec 2012 R2 is not currently confirmed as any planned name for a release and to be honest will almost certainly never be released with that name now.

Please do NOT refer to RDX cartridges as tapes as this confuses explanations of why Disk Storage, Removable Disk Storage and Tape are handled differentlly.

Also do not mix up any issues with RDX in older versions of Backup Exec with the issues seem in 2012 whilst the symptoms may look similar, the 2012 issues were caused directly because the DLM code changes affected Media Set operations when it came to RDX cartidges when it should not have done. As DLM is a new feature in 2012, the background cause is therefore completely unrelated to anything seen in older versions (although we do acknowledge that we have had issues with RDX handling in some older versions, that we believed we had already fixed)

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Hi Colin,

I have tried to request this hotfix multiple times now but have just been advised to wait for the main release which will probably be another 6 months at least so we would like the orphan.

Could you send me a download link privately?

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Just noticed a question directly addressed to me that I had not answered, so answering it now just in case anyone else ever needs the info

We cannot issue orphans privately, however if you are having problems with getting an orphan, and have an open support case then please let one of us know via a direct message on the forums with the case number included in the message and then if we can help (via the case) we will.

Just be aware that we may not be in your timezone and also might be out of office so don't expect an instant answer.

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I have finally obtained the hotfix and it has worked perfectly, and doesn't appear to have affected any other aspects of the Software.  I can now sit back and watch the same tape get overwritten each day which is such a relief after all this time.

I think given the time frames this should be more readily available for clients.  I understand that DLM causes the issue in 2012, and appreciate it's a complex beast these days...but to the customer, we just see that it can't do a very simple task over overwritting an RDX cartridge and it becomes extremely frustrating as it's not exactly a cheap investment!

I hope this thread proves useful to others, and thanks for the support Colin/JayDeep.

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.....if us IT professionals struggle to understand the many pitfalls with BE 2012 - how are we supposed to convince our customers that it is the right solution?

Let's not forget that whilst we come into work each day to failed backup errors all over the screen, and waste many hours trying to 'learn' and 'workaround' these issues - our customers businesses are at risk, and we as their IT provider are ultimately to blame.....or would Symantec step in and take some of the pain?

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Hello IMW...

How can I help?  I'm not sure what you are asking here.  I'm part of the Backup Exec org and we are always looking for feedback to bring to conversations with the development and planning teams.

If you have any specifics you'd like to discuss, I'd be happy to listen.


IMW's picture

Hi Matt

It would be impossible to detail the amount of grief that we as VAR's have suffered with BE2012 - within the confines of this forum at least......but two fairly obvious things spring to mind:-

1) You could supply a backup system that can overwrite a USB drive each night (including the IMG folders) - no retention options, just allow me to run a full backup each day and have the job overwrite whatever it sees. That way I can reassure my customers that that we don't have to sit there watching the job start just to make sure it actually does so!!  I'm fairly sure I'm not alone with this - see

2) Support for Server 2012? We are well into 2013 and have had to supply alternative products to those customers that have opted to move on from Server 2008.....which is just about all of them.

I don't think these two ideas are exactly revolutionary, but Symantec seems to have failed dismally thus far.

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For Number 1, I have passed this idea along to PM & Engineering.

For Number 2, I have 2 blog pages you can follow that will give updates on what is happening w/r/t WS2012

  1. Backup Exec 2012 & 2010 Beta news
  2. What is Going on with Backup Exec 2012 & Windows Server 2012

We will be posting updates on those as frequently as we can.  The SPs will be available before the end of the month.  We are in the final days of the beta for each.

Please DM me if you want to speak further.  I'm happy to send you my direct contact info and be of as much assistance as I can.