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Backup Exec 2012 (required Media Sets before restore)

Created: 08 Aug 2012 | 3 comments

Ok, so we decided to bite the bullet and moved to BE2012.  Slowly we are getting use to the interface. Besides to all the other problems / limitations,  I was wondering if the designers of this new UI has taken in the consideration to show the user what are the 'required Medias' before doing a restore.

   For example in previous version of BE, before I did a restore, I would browse by 'Resource' I would expand the Server -> Then I would Expand the Drive-> Then I would Right Click on the Backup Job/Date Go to Properties and it would show me which Media(s) holds the backup set (under Media Tab).  This way I would retrieve the Required Tapes from the Safe, put it in the Tape Library, and start the Restore process.  Please tell me this feature is available in BE2012.... 

  In addition to that I would use that feature, to find out if the a backup job/set has been duplicated to a Tape. Because it would show you all the media that contains the backup job, including B2D and Tapes...

Thank you

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In BE 2012, you would have to click on the server and then backup set.  This will allow you to choose the backup set to restore.  You cannot restore from the Storage tab.

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I don't think you understood the question. Even if I follow your example, it still does not show me the required Tape-Media associated with each Backup Set...

Thank you

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There is no way to see the tape media from the Backup and Restore tab.  You can take note of the backup set that you want to restore and then go to the Storage tab to search for the tape associated with it,  It would be probably easier to check the joblog of the job at the point-in-tme of the restore.  You would be able to see the tape label of the tape(s) used in the job.

You would be able to restore from the backup set in the Storage tab in the next release of BE.