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Backup Exec 2012 restore from incremental backups?

Created: 17 Sep 2013 • Updated: 30 Sep 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi all, after reading all the blurb about backup exec 2012 I was under the impresion you could restore from an incremental backup without also having to select all previosue backups up to the last full backup?  At least that's what backup exec says!


Any way, my problem is when I do as the above message says for a vmware virtual machine restore the restore completes OK, but when I try and boot the vm it automaitcly boots to the system recovery parition and on further investigation there are hardly any files on the c: drive.  If I restore from the full backup, or full backup and all incrementals it works fine.  The backup job is a very simple non-agent, non-grt backup of a virtual machine straight to disk, weekly on Saturday, incrementals every other night.  We are trying to restore the enitre VM (same happes when overwirtting exisitng machine or to an alternative location).

So is the above message wrong for doing virtual machine restores or am I doing something worng?  How should I restore a virtual machine from an incremental backup?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Please post a snapshot of the Restore selections from the Restore Wizard.

Here is a Official Blog on Point in Time and the Restore Wizard:

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Are you restoring by using the restore option after clicking on the ESX host or vcenter system that you used for the backup or are you restoring after starting by selecting the name of the virtual machine itself?

EDIT: Typically if a full VM restore goes wrong, you won't have any kind of bootable operating system so you descriptuion of it booting into recovery partition does not match up which probably does mean you are either not backing up in the corect way or not restoring in the correct way/

Basically GRT (individual file) restores are from the name of the VM, complete system level / DR restores of the virtual machines are done by clicking on the vcenter or ESX host object before starting the restore.

BTW the change to a synthetic view for incremental and differential restore selections isn't really a VMware agent concept it is a traditional RAWS file system backup concept. The way we work with VMware restores has actually not changed in 2012 and works the same way it did in 2010 R3 and earlier. Because of this the screenshot you posted also looks like you might be trying to use the wrong method.

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Sorry for not replying before, but we got to the bottom of it.  It seems that if you move the virtual machine to a different folder in vmware, incremental restores won't work until you have done a full backup.