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Backup Exec 2012: Restoring Domino Database

Created: 20 Aug 2013 • Updated: 20 Aug 2013 | 7 comments

Hi Everyone,

I do a weekly Full backup of all Domino databases on Friday's and daily incremental on weekdays.

I've had to do some database repair and wanted to restore a mail file from yesterday, however when I go through the restore dialogues, the date shown on the database that I want to restore shows the Full Backup date from Friday and not from yesterday.  Does that mean the incremental job is not actually backup up portions of the mail file? 

Should I be doing a full backup of my mail files every night?

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When you try to restore data from incremental or differential backup sets they might show as being empty because only the transaction log was backed up. To restore data you need to select it from the last full backup the transaction logs from the incremental backup will sutomatically bring the database up to date.

Please see this link 

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What I'm seeing on my end differes than what is explained in that link.

So for example  I have  user.nsf  from 08/16/2013 if I restore it, it does not restore that file + 08/19/2013 incrimentals.

and If I try from the transaction logs screen its just a bunch of random numbered transaction files which doesnt make sense.

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Check the following:

The following are required to back up Lotus Domino transaction logs:

■ Archive-style transaction logging must be enabled to perform differential and incremental backups and to perform point in time recovery.

■ The Lotus Domino logging style must be set to archive if you want to back up the transaction logs.

If lotus domino used Circular logging change to Archive logging or run daily full backup

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Transaction Logging is set to Archive, the transaction loggs are being backuped and I see them in BackupExec under Transaction logging.

Its just when I go to restore i'm only able to restore from the last Full backup and not  the Full Backup + Whatever incrimental backups have been done since.

 The link provided from earlier post is from 2010 and doesnt look anything like the screens I'm seeing in Backup Exec 2012.

I'll do some screen grabs to show you what I'm seeing.

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What version of Domino are you using?    I apologise for sending a BE 2010 version document previously, dont know how I could have missed this was for BE 2012... but please see  About restoring Lotus Domino databases and Lotus Domino Agent restore options

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Screen shots of the path I was taking from the Wizard to restore the DB, which seems to only restore from the last Full Backup.