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Backup exec 2012 San Based Backup best performance

Created: 18 Oct 2012 | 5 comments


I evaluate BUE 2012 in lab and i have some problem in my test plans.

I have HP C3000 with 3 blades, one 8/24 SAN Switch on server and a MSA P2000 G3 San Storage that connected with 2 fibers to SAN Switch

on two of three blades vmware are installed (ESXi 5) and on other blade W2K8 R2 SP1 is installed for backup.

in storage i have 9 600GB/SAS/15k/6GB with 3 LUNs that sets as Raid5 /64k and map 2 luns for all blades (VMware, Backup server)  and other lun for backup server only

i configure zoning and MPIO configuration too.

i have more than 20 VMS on VMware infrastructre with different OS. i have VCenter too as a VM.

 in backup blade i install BUE 2012 and do all settings.

i test my backup lun with some benchmark utility such as AJA , IOMeter and can read/write with one worker with 600-900MB/s

but when i start a fullbackup job and configure job for san based (without any processing task such checkpoint, GPT, Deduplication)  , maximum backup job speed not more than 10000MB/min and it is not good for me!!!!! i guess my backup job speed is about 36000 MB/min

anybody have any idea ??!!!

what is the best performance for BUE 2012 ??!!

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Hello Kazemm,

Refer to following technote, modify the registry settings as suggested and check if that helps improve the performance:


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thanks for your reply

but that is for BUE 2010. is that work for BUE 2012? do you test it ? 

what is your backup job speed ?

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The technote is valid for BE 2012 as well. Technote has following note:

 Note: The above mentioned registry keys are also present in BE 2012. These registry keys can be modified as per above mentioned guidelines to improve performance

I have tried these settings with few customers and we noticed significant difference. However the result depends on the hardware.

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thanks all

i test all of reg keys. but no change in performance 

anybody have idea?

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I'm reopening this...are you backing up to a LUN on the same storage device, and possibly in the same datastore as your VMs?

If so, then it is possibly due to snapshotting the VMs on the same LUNs which can cause a performance drop.

What are your speeds if you run a normal backup on a file-level?


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