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Backup exec 2012 SBS bare-metal recovery

Created: 21 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
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I saw the into video for backup exec 2012, from what I understand, I can use one-time backup option from backup tabs to create bare-metal SBS recovery and it mention I just need to insert backup exec DVD and Backup exec will recover from the bare-metal backup.

but the video doesn't mention that the DVD is that Backup Exec 2012 installation DVD or I have to create this DVD or it comes with the Backup Exec box product?

I'm planning to do the one-time bare-metal backup to USB external drive, like windows SBS backup.


- Haris -

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You would have to download the SDR boot DVD from  Click on BE in the Trialware section, follow the dialog until you reach the download page.  There you would see the download for BE and the SDR DVD.

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Hi Pkh,

I did one time backup to create bare-metal recovery backup into external USB disk that used for bare-metal backup only (different disk set for normal schedule backup) and backup completed successfully.

I download SDR 64-bit from backupexec website.

So for testing, I boot the test server using SDR CD, and tick erase the disk on the server so to make it look like start from scratch using blank disk for recover. Backup exec seems to recovery data from the bare-metal external usb disk.

What I notice when it boot up, it take applying computer part longer than it normally does, then I try to login to localhost/owa to test the email, it say email is unavailble, so I start exchange console and find out that the database private and public is not mounted, so when I try to mounted says one of the files is missing and it try to create a new database.

Then the information store seems to be mounted, so I try to login to owa for user 1 and the mailbox for this user seems to be empty, there are welcome and some test email prior I made the bare-metal backup, I also found that companyweb site (SBS sharepoint) I got error can't connect to configuration database,  so I check the services, the sqlservice for sharepoint is started.

I also notice that on backup exec I create a job to backup SBS server and windows xp computer to simulate NAS (multiple server), and there is a job created for the xp computer and after system restore the job seems to be disappear.

I just wondering if I am missing steps here hence the system doesn't seems to recover properly?

(exchange and sql are not restored properly I haven't check what else doesn't work).



- Haris -

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SDR restores the Windows system, however not applications such as Exchange, SQL or Sharepoint. Post the SDR restore, you will have to restore these applications.

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When you restore a server, it is always a 2 step process, regardless of whether you use SDR or not.  When you restore the C: drive and system and re-boot, you get back your machine and all the applications.  The applications are working but devoid of data.  You then need to run other jobs to restore the DATA for the applications, like Exchange, SQL database, etc.  For Exchange, you would restore the mailboxes.

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Hi Guys,

Thank you for the reply. I thought backup exec bare-metal recovery behave like MS bare-metal recovery where the restore, restore machine to last backup state, so it restore os, exchange and sql automatically on the first past of the recovery and I just need to reboot the machine after the restore and all the services & application (exchange and sql) are up and running.

I didn't realise backup exec does 2 step process. I haven't have to do bare-metal recovery on previous version of backup exec as well.

I manage restore exchange, on the first look it seems to restore ok, I can get into owa and I can see the email prior to one-time backup.

but when I try to restore SQL after baremetal restore and got restore failed.

This is what I did,

- I click restore,

- then SQL server, then

- I select all the databases (backupexec, sharepoint, sbsmonitor, etc).

- I run test credential seems to be ok, then

- select restore to the latest available backup set time

- restore the data to the original SQL instance and database

- tick let backup exec automatically take the database offline & overwrite existing databases (since this is complete restore so there should not be any database activity after baremetal recovery)

- do full consistence check including indexes

and run now the restore

and I get the job failed after about 15-30 seconds running.

ESPSERVER.ESP.LOCAL Restore 00005 -- The job failed with the following error: The existing database could not be deleted.  Connected users or applications may be holding it open.  Delete the database with SQL server tools and then try the restore again. 

 and there is a link underneath the error message saying

Click here for more information: Knowledge Base article # V-79-57344-37942, but when I click on the link to find out more info, I got the following

Your search 'V-79-57344-37942' returned no results

I appreciated if you could give me some pointer to fix this.

Thank you.


- Haris -