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Backup exec 2012 schedule

Created: 23 Jan 2013 • Updated: 13 May 2013 | 7 comments

Hi All,

Since backup exec 2012 does not provide single job for multiple servers anymore and that leads to a problem i am facing now. Hope some of you can give me advices:

I am using Backup exec 2012 with a tap drive ( LT05) to backup 3 different servers:

  1. Server1 will take about 2hours-increamental and 6hours-full for backup
  2. Server2 will take about 3hours-increamental and 10hours-full for backup
  3. Server3 will take about 30min-increamental and 1hours-full for backup

The backup schedule is :

Monday --> Thursday : Increamental 

Friday : Fullbackup

backup time start from 7Pm.

My problem is i cant find the way to set backup time for each server cause i need to make sure backup job for server 1 completed before job2 can start to append into a single tap ( i just have tap drive) and then job3 and 4.

If i set :

Job1 start at 7Pm ( should complete at 9PM), then job2 stats at 9Pm ( shoudl complete at 12Pm), so how can i set time for job3 ???

Thank you very much for your help.

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pkh's picture

For your example, you should start Job 3 at 1 a.m. on the following day, so for Monday, Job 3 will start on Tue. at 1 a.m.

For Job2, it would be better to start it at 9.30 p.m. The gap is so that you can definitely be sure that Job 1 completes .  Job 1 can be delayed for some reason.  Likewise, you should leave a gap before starting Job 3 which is why I suggested 1 a.m.

If you don't want to manually manage your jobs, you can chain them.  See my article below

Tho Le's picture

Hi pkh,

Thanks, but how can i set job3 at 1A.m on the following day ? Because if i set 1Am, it will start at 1Am on Monday not the follwing day - Tuesday.


pkh's picture

No different from how you set up a Monday job.  Set up your Job 3 (incr) to run from Tue-Fri at 1 a.m., instead of Mon-Thu.

merlin66's picture

Hello Tho Lee,

you can also start all your Jobs at the same time. because you have only one Tapedrive one of the Jobs will start normally, the other Jobs will go to a Status "ready, no idle devices". after the first Job Ends the next will start atomatically.
If you want to define the order of the Jobs you can set the prioritys of the Jobs, or set the starttimes one after another like 7pm - 8pm - 9pm.
So your Jobs will run like in one Job before.

Tho Le's picture

Hi Pkh,

"No different from how you set up a Monday job.  Set up your Job 3 (incr) to run from Tue-Fri at 1 a.m., instead of Mon-Thu."

Sorry but i don't know how to set up daily job from Tuesday - Friday, can you please show me?



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Thank you very much, Tho Le, for asking! And thank you, merlin66, for your perfect answer!

After upgrading from BE 2010 to BE 2012 yesterday, I was just pondering about this. I set my starttimes to 00:10am - 00:15am - 00:20am - 00:25am - 00:30am - 00:35am - 00:40am - 00:45am. The idea is that the eight servers will be backed up one by one in succession until the whole job is finished and I don't need to care about how long any single one might take. That was the case in BE 2010. Tomorrow morning I will see if that worked.

neroberg's picture

Well, it worked. Thank you, gentlemen!