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Backup Exec 2012 SDR Backups

Created: 23 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

We've been having an issue getting full backups of certain phyiscal machines using the SDR.  The job runs and appears to backup all the data but we get an exception that it's unable to create .p2v file and therefore does not create the necessary Recovery file to run a "Bare Metal" restore.  It seems this happens on any server not running Enterprise Edition.  I've also noticed that on these servers Windows sees our Drives as Fibre Attached storage even though they are SCSI attached SAS drives.  I understand that for whatever reason Backup Exec cannot use SDR unless the target machine has at least one phyically attached drive with supported technology in which Fibre Attached is not one of them.

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it's unable to create .p2v file

Are you trying to do a P2V conversion?  This is different from SDR.

When you backup a server that is eligible for SDR, a .dr file is created upon successful completion of the backup job.  If there is any exceptions, then the .dr file is not created because the backup might not be good enough to recover your server.  If the .dr file is not created, expand your joblog and check what is the error which prevented the creation of the .dr file.

If Windows does not see your drives correctly, then you should consult Microsoft on how to correct the problem.  BE will use the disks as Windows present them.  AFAIK, BE does not make a distinction between fibre-attached disk and SCSI disks.