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Backup exec 2012 + SDR on local USB Disk

Created: 02 Apr 2013 • Updated: 03 Apr 2013 | 8 comments
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Hi all,

i try to do the following but i have some problems :

1/ Backup a Windows Computer (C:\, System State...) with SDR ON, on a deduplication storage device ==> OK

2/ When the backup is done, duplicate the backup sets on a USB Disk Drive ==> OK

3/ Create a customised SDR disk with the server i've just backuped ==> OK

4/ Plug the USB disk on the crashed server ==> OK

5/ Boot on the crashed server with the SDR dvd ==> OK

6/ Select the correct .DR file ==> OK

7/ Select the option The data is located on devices locally attached to this computer ==> OK

8/ Select the USB disk ==> KO

I cannot see the USB disk on the device list. The device seems to be well recognized  because i'm able to browse all the .bkf files, also some .cfg files

Question : is it possible to duplicate backup sets on an usb disk and then recoverer the computer from it ? Am i doing something wrong ?

Thanks in advance

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I don't think the SDR process updates the .DR file for the duplicate job.

Try doing an SDR backup directly to the USB disk and then see if the .DR file + USB works

Note you should only really be using SDR from locally stored disk date for recovery of the media server. Remote server recovery (where the media server still exists) is usally done via the network connection and gets the .DR information from the catalogs on the media server - which can then be done direct from the Dedup folder

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Thanks Colin. I ran the backup directly to the USB disk, i'll be able to test this tomorrow.

In fact i have several servers on remote sites (with slow WAN links) so i have to find the best way for disaster recovery, without using  network.

I'll give you an update soon.

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For your backup to the dedup folder, did the joblog says that the .dr file is created?

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Can you tell if the time stamp on the .DR fiel shows that it has been updated by the duplicate job or was it only updated by the original job to Dedup?

Reason for query is I have a comment from a developer that duplicate jobs should update the .DR file (although they would not have done in the old IDR system prior to 2012)

Whether or not the file itself was updated I think you need to log a formal support case for this issue.

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some news. I did the backup directly on the USB disk, took the latest .DR file and i've been able to restore my server with the data stored on the USB disk.

@Colin : when i did the test yesterday the .DR file was not updated by the duplicate job. The date and time was from the original backup.

I think i'm gonna open a case.

Thanks !


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Just for info the 2012 Readme file ( )


  • You cannot use Simplified Disaster Recovery to recover a local computer from a deduplication storage folder. You must recover the computer from a local disk or tape storage.


  • You cannot use SDR to restore duplicate backups that are created from backup sets or from the job history. To make duplicate backups compatible with SDR, they must be created from a duplicate stage in an SDR-enabled backup definition.

I believe the first point is because the SDR disk does not run any Dedup services so can't do a local restore (but can do remote dedup restores) and the second point does mean that it has to be a scheduled/linked duplicate and not a manual one run after the fact.

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That's right Colin, i just had the confirmation by Symantec support : SDR files aren't updated after a manual duplicate job...

Thanks for your help !*