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Backup Exec 2012- Select slots and tape drives / NDMP

Created: 30 Mar 2014 • Updated: 30 Mar 2014 | 4 comments
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Hope someone can help me on this.


I got a Symantec Backup Exec 2012 connected to a Dell TL2000 Fibre Channel with two (2) LTO6 Tape Drives.

The TL2000 is filled with 24 tape drives.

Total capacity required for a full backup and incremental backup will fit into the first 12 tapes. One full backup daily & incremental daily.


1. Can I use the same tapes (slots 1 -12) for full backups and incremental backups. (A full backup will consume around 5 or 6 tapes only)

                  ---> I plan to use the same set of tapes and will leave them on tape library for the whole week.

2. Can I alternate the use of slots.

         For example

                      Week 1: slots 1-12 (full & incremental)    ---> new 24 LTO6 tapes for slots 1-24

                      Week 2: slots 13-24 (full & incremental)   ---> then I remove tapes on slots 1-12 (send to bank) & replace with fresh tapes.

                      Week 3: slots 1-12  (full & incremental)    ---> then I remove tapes slots 13-24 (send to bank) &replace with fresh tapes.

                      Week 4: slots 13-24 (full & incremental)   ---> then I remove tapes on slots 1-12 (send to bank) & replace with fresh tapes. 


3. For NDMP backups: Does data pass through LAN or SAN ? I have Fibre Channel Infrastructure.

4. For Agent for VMWare & Hyper-V: Does data pass through the LAN or SAN when I execute a backup ?



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pmevalenzuela's picture


Its one fullbackup weekly and daily incremental backups.



pkh's picture

1. Yes

2. Yes, if you create 2 media sets, one for slots 1-12 and the other for slots 13 - 24.  You would also have 2 jobs run on alternate weeks and targeting each of these media sets.

pmevalenzuela's picture

Hi pkh,

thanks for the reply.

If I got this right.

1. Create two media sets:

Media Set A = slots 1 to 12 (used for full & incremental backups)

Media Set B = slots 13 to 24. (used for full & incremental backups)

2. Assign backup jobs to media set

Backup Jobs (First Group) assigned to media set A (schedule to run 1st week and every other week after)

Backup Jobs (second Group) assigned to media set B (schedule to run 2nd week and every other week after)



pkh's picture

Yes. When talking about slots, I mean the tapes in the slots because you cannot associate slots with media sets