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Backup Exec 2012 Sharepoint/SQL

Created: 21 Feb 2013 | 14 comments

Hi Folks, i'm trying to do a restore of our sharepoint environment which is composed of a servr running SPS2007 and another server running SQL2005.

However when I add the sharepoint server farm in BUE2012 and click restore - it doesnt show any options of what to restore. If I select the individual webserver - I can restore it's system state etc but nothing to do with the sharepoint ContentDB, and with the SQL Server, I can restore things like the Sharepoint admin config etc, but not the contentDB, the SitePAIR database.

I can see the database on the Tape, under backup sets and it's tagged as coming from the SQL server. currently running a duplication job to duplicate it from the tape to disk for ease and that job is running through the Sharepoint server farm object?!

Any ideas why I'm given no options to restore the sharepoint web server app/content db etc? I have the options licensed and installed as far as i'm aware. It seems abnormally tricky to do a restore - unless there's something glaring that i'm missing?

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However when I add the sharepoint server farm in BUE2012 and click restore

If the backup was made via the Sharepoint Farm, then there is no need to add it in the list. Was the backup made via the Webserver / SQL servers instead ? If yes, then yes, you would not receive the option to restore from the Farm container.

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I should have clarified sorry, The original backup to tape was made in our live environment via a Sharepoint farm resource container on Backup Exec 2012.

I have made a sandbox environment to replicate having to restore everything from backups - a DR scenario. when I recreate the servers and add them into the new install of Backup Exec 2012 - I'm given no options to restore anything to the sharepoint farm. not just no sets, No nothing.

The content DB is being backed up via the farm from the Sql server. No restore options in either the webserver or sql server allow me to restore the content DB/website pair.

The duplication operation shows the job under the Sharepoint Farm but wont allow me to restore it...

tape sets.png SPfarm dupe.png no options.png
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Instead of adding the servers manually, if you inventory & catalog the tapes, do the servers auto-populate the list in the Backup & Restore tab ?

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I'll have to remove all the servers+cats and run the catalog to be sure.

Will do that now.

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Hi VJ,

So i deleted the catalogs, removed all the servers and re-cataloged the tape an it did populate the list with servers and says that Backup Data is available for the Sharepoint farm but it still does not show any options to restore it.

When I click restore - I get just a blank window, this is in contrast to our live system where when I click on the server farm and click restore i am aske dif I want to restore Sharepoint Data or Data from previous releases..

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In your test environment, did you install a licence for Agent for Applications and Databases and enabled the Sharepoint option?

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Yes all the agents and licennces are installed as required. I cannot see why this will not work or why it is so unbelievably difficult to accomplish.

I don't feel like i'm asking anything of the software that it should not be easily capable of doing.

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Hi jfkana,

A couple of questions: Is the version of Sharepoint the same version as what was backed up?  Also wondering if Backup Exec has had all of its Live updates installed with the Remote Agent pushed out to the remote servers?

check out this link for Sharepoint 2007 restore tips

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Hi Imosla,

Yes both versions are Sharepoint 2007. Backup exec has all updates installed that Live Update will download and both machines involved in sharepoint  - The sharepoint webserver and Database server - both have the remote agent pushed out.

The database server can restore other databases without any problems. I did a one-time backup of the sharepoint web-server and now when I restore it gives me the option to pick from that one-time backup but not from our live environment.

Also, when I catalog the tapes and it auto-populates the server list it does not put the web server into the sharepoint farm? I cannot see how to specify it manually.

If I remove the sharepoint farm and add it in manually, it will then show the webserver in the farm resource container.

Any ideas?


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Are these physical servers or virtual? What versions?

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These are virtual servers in both environments.

Sharepoint 2007 is running on a Windows Server 2003 x86 VM and MSSQL2005 is running on a Server 2003 X64 VM. The same as the live versions.

I checked the backup job that runs and the Sharepoint backup is being done through the farm. The individual machines just have their system state backed up.

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"The target Web Application must be configured with the same number of content databases as the Web Application that was backed up and all content databases for that Web Application should be restored"

see this link


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hi, i'm not really sure this is answering my problem - That article refers to 2010 R3. I'm not trying to redirect, I don't even have that option. 2012 is giving me ZERO options to restore sharepoint. I've inventoried and cataloged a full backup set and it provides no options to restore.

I reconfigured sharepoint with all the same database names etc. everything. I'm still given no options for restore.

At this point we would almost consider moving to a different product because either backup exec can't do this simple task or makes it so unbelievably convoluted to do a bare metal restore that by the time we got the data back - we'd be out of business!

any further ideas?!

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Yes, it sounds like its set up correctly and should work. Reply to my DM so we can troubleshoot this further.