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Backup Exec 2012: Shows Tape drive as in use

Created: 04 Mar 2013 | 7 comments

We are using a quantum i80 with backup exec 2012 we rebooted the library and now tape drive 3 shows as active even though no jobs are running and no tape is in the drive. When we try to remove the drive it states the tape drive is in use. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Have you tried to Pause/Unpause the server?

Seems to work for a number of issues regarding hardware, and specifically for tape!


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Did you reboot the server after you have rebooted the tape library?  From past experiences, I found that a server reboot is necessary for BE to sense the library correctly.

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Hello ,

I would suggest few steps that you could check

1) Firstly check the drivers for the tape drive. The drivers should be from Symantec and not from OEM. If you have a stand alone tape drive the tape driver publisher should be Symantec. If your using a Robotic Library the medium changer should be from Microsoft. Reinstall the drivers from symantec if they are not from symantec.

2) If the drivers are in place. Try performing the power cycle for backup exec server and tape drive. Shut down the Tape Drive first,Shut down the BE server, release the flea power,start the tape drive,then start the BE Server. Check with the status of the tape drive.

3) Also check with the firmware for the tape drive. It should be updated.

4) Open the beutility.exe from the installation directory. Check if the server shows paused or running. It should say running. If its paused right click the server name and click of pause agian. It should unpause it putting the server in running mode.

5) I would like to know whats the status of the drives from the Web console for the tape drive. Or you can also check from the tape drive console for any errors.

See if the above steps mentioned work.

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I have tried the following listed below with no avail. 

*pausing and unpausing the drive
*rebooting the server after rebooting the tape drive
*the drives show as up in the web console for the i80 without any errors.

I am going to try the beutilit.exe this morning and see if that gets me anywhere. Thanks for all the responses I will keep you posted.

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I think BE tech support has a way to hack the DB to make that drive idle again.

If you find this is a solution for the thread, please mark it as such.

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I have a I40 with a simular problem, my jobs start to display the device is paused, but the hardware shows online and not paused. Very strange problems with quantum hardware.