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Backup Exec 2012 Slow Job Rate B2D on Partial Backup Selections

Created: 27 Mar 2013 • Updated: 29 Mar 2013


I have a problem with a Disk to Disk (B2D) job that has me scratching my head a bit.  In a nutshell, I get very slow job rates (under 100MB/min) but only when partial backup selection of shares are selected.  In my backup job selection options, if I select the entire root of a share, I get the job rates I would expect (between 1 - 2 GB/min).  I opened a ticket with Symantec yesterday but I thought I'd post on the forum as well to see if anybody has come across a root cause of this behaviour.  Detail below and some troubleshooting about what I've done thus far:

This is a new install of Backup Exec 2012 with all available updates and patches through LiveUpdate on new server hardware. We have a 4.5TB backup to disk location setup.  Our Backup server has 1 Gbps network connectivity.  Our file server is on the same switch and has 10 Gbps network connectivity.

I have a job created that backups the R: drive on our file server.  There's nothing special about this volume.  Just simple folder structure consisting of typical office documents - Office suite files, PDFs, pictures, etc.  General file storage.  Here's where the job rate goes sideways - if in my job selection I choose to fully select the entire R: drive, I get the expected job rates (1 - 2 GB/min).  But we don't want to backup everything up on our R: drive.  There's a few folders we don't want to back up.  So I've tried this two different ways - just excluding the folders and I've also tried explicitly including everything but folders we do not want.  Either way, if I re-run the job, my job rate plummets to under 100MB/min.  Nothing else changes and I can re-produce this result consistently by simply toggling the backup selection criteria from "full" to "partial".

For what it's worth - AV scanning is disabled on both servers.  Also, enable checkpoint restart is unchecked.

I've attached two pictures.  One showing my job rate when full root is selected and the other showing job rate when partial directories are selected.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.



fast full.jpg

slow partial.jpg

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