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Backup Exec 2012 Small Business Edition (SBE) tial software and documentation...

Created: 26 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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I am trying to get hold of a trial version of "Backup Exec 2012 Small Business Edition". However, when I follow the "Trial Software" link on the product page, log in and download the .ISO files. IT appears to be the full product and not the SBE.

Now, I know there are very specific limitations on what agents are covered by the SBE licensing and that there are very specific installation scenarios that the SBE licensing and product will only support. I also recall, during the beta testing of the SBE product, that there was a SBE specific "simplified" interface. So, I'm kind of lost as to how I can get a trial of the SBE version of BE, when I only have the full product, which has none of these limitations/restrictions/benefits!?

I also have another issue in that the Backup Exec Administrators Guide still has no information specific to these significant SBE product limitations or supported installation scenarios. For those of you in Symantec involved in the release of this product... I gave feedback on this issue, during the beta testing, and was told that it would be looked into. But it is apparent that this has not been done or deemed important enough. However, I am glad to see that you guys are at least giving some kind of version reference in your admin guide now.

So, I have two questions:

1. Why can we not get a trial version of the real SBE product, with all it's relevant limitations and restrictions in place?

2. Why does the BE admin documentation not at least have a SBE appendix that covers the supported installation scenarios and agent licensing limitations This would at least reduce the need for the above specific SBE trial version of the software; as we would be able to install the full product as if it were the SBE product, following the limitations outlined in the documentation.

Looking forward to your responses.

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1. Why can we not get a trial version of the real SBE product, with all it's relevant limitations and restrictions in place?

Below is the link to download BE2012 SBE

In trial mode all Backup Exec editions are the same, its the license key which enables or limits

features of BE. 

Refer to

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You can check the BE 2012 licencing guide to see what is possible with the SBE edition

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Thanks for your responses.

AmolZeroCool: I already have the ISO and, yes, the ISOs are the same. The links and Web pages lead you believe you are downloading the SBE version, but you only appear to be able to download the full version of BE regardless of what the Web site is leading you to believe. And nowhere are you ever enlightened about this. If Symantec can't see the potential for confusion from people who think they are downloading the SBE product and end up with the full product then I am wasting my time here.

PKH: The licensing information included in this document covers only part of the SBE "picture". I have since found a more detailed document regarding the specifics of this product at:

This document alludes to a reduced functionality user interface: "The new user interface has been designed with simplicity in mind. It conveys the information required more simply and concisely by providing users with just the things they need with reduced and consolidated options and choices."

We have already established that, regardless of what version of BE you are lead to believe you are downloading and installing for a trial, you are installing the full product. How can you possibly get a trial of the SBE, if the full product doesn't have the same interface as the SBE?

The BE Administration Guide is blatant in it's total omission of any information whatsover regarding the SBE version of Backup Exec. I find this really quite bizarre.

Just look at a lot of the chatter on Connect about people having problems with licensing and agents and the SBE product. Is there any real surprise people are confused and getting into strife when Symantec are so obviously handling this situation very poorly.

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AmolZeroCool: Can I get an official position from the Symantec BE SBE team on this issue please?

I have established there is at least one fundamental difference between the full BE and BE SBE, namely the "simplified" interface... Therefore, how can anybody realistically demo or trial the SBE product when it is not available for download.

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As others have advised already currently there is no official tria of SBE available as tjhe software installer (ISO download) actually contains the same information and whether or not it becomes SBE or full BE depends one which licenses you elect to install.

If you want to test something closer to SBE, install with no licenses and then onl;y use a tape drive/library, and standard disk storage (B2D) and expect to backup files systems, system state, shadow copy components, SQL and Exchange. Do not use any other options or agents (including Deduplication, ESO etc) and test with those limited features on a media server and up to 2 remote servers and the media server {bear in mind when you actually buy SBE licenses, you will need some SBE agent licenses if you do configure for 2 remoteservers.

If you consider that having SBE as a trial, so that you can't choose things that would not be available with that license, would be a good enhancemnet for a future version then I suggest you use the Create Content option at the top of the forum pages to submit an Idea. Ideas are our way of allowing a customer to submit an enhancement request and then have other custoemrs vote as to if they would like to see the same thing.